Physics, Chemistry and Maths Can Taught us a lesson 

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Subjects doesn't give you only conceptual 
Knowledge but it also give us 
Moral value.
It is too important to understand the moral of life via subject.

So lets begin:


Add your friendship,😄😄😄
Subtract your enemies,😈😈😈
Multiply your love,😍😍😍
Divide your sorrow.😭😭😭


Take a sheet of family.👪
Add concentrated love.❤❤❤
Eliminate the jealously.😦😦😟
Soal it under prayer.🙏🙏🙏
You shall then get the precipitation of time.🕞🕡🕒


Be dynamic in thought,😊😊😊
Be static in mind,💪
Be optics in heart,💝
Then you will became magnet.&.attract the people.👦🙌👦

So learn lesson from the Subject...

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Learn lesson form the subject