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Emotion ek feelings hai jo ki Hum inshan me hai...
Ye ek tarika hai jisse hum apni feelings,thinking,attitude,gratitude,Love,Hate etc. ko express kr skte hai.

Ek ek Case le kr k samjhte hai ke ye emotion kbb or kahan express hota hai.

1. Ek achhe pariwar ka bachha kisi Rashte se guzar rha,karib 12-13 saal ke age hogi uski.
Usne dekha ki ek dushra chhota sa bachha khub roye jaa rha tha shyad thandh se...iss bachhe ne use dekha or  uss situation ko khud ke saath hote feel kiya...
Usse ahsas ho gya ke usse kitna pain ho rha h...wo achhe pariwar ka bachha emotional ho gya...Usne uss rote bachhe ka dard mehsus jo kr liya tha...but wo kuchh nhi krr skta tha uss bachhe ke liye.

Emotion to tbb express hoti hai jb aap kisi ke dukh,sukh,Khusi,Gum ko khud ka ek hissa bna lete ho...

Emotion control

Emotion control krna muskil hai but possible hai...
Aapko apni understanding level ko badhani padegi,Soch badalna hoga,Ye samjhna hogi ki jo bhi ho rha hai wo unke krmo ka fal hai...kyuki maine kahi suna hai "Koi gareeb paida nhi hota" wo apne life me Garib ho jata hai.

Aap ek tagline ("sub moh maya hai")ydd rkho aapko emotional control me apki help karega...orr aapko aapke life me achha karne ko motivate krega...

NOTE:-Ydd rhe mai kisi tagline ko promote nhi krr rha bss suggest kr rha hu...😄

Agar aapko apne kareebi ke Aankhon me aansu dekh,aapke bhi aankon me aansu aa jata hai...To aap bahut nazuk dil ke ho...Orr Emotional ho.



Emotion is a best way to express your Feelings without speaking a single word...

Without Emotion ye duniya kaise hogi?...COMMENT section me bataye...

Abb aap Emotion ko e-motion jaise-(e-mail,e-commerce,e-banking,e-shopping), nhi smjhna kyuki ke non living ko leaving bnata hai...

Ek Human Beings ko Animals se alag krta hai...
Hamari Humanity show karta hai...

Keep ur emotion this is as important as your sense organ...

Sense organ is use to sense any stimuli in the environment...in the same manner Emotion is use to feel someone.

Emotion is a mental state variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioural responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure. There is currently no scientific consensus on a definition. Emotion is often intertwined with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation. (Wikipedia)

Solutions that seek to minimize the emotional response-

Time delay :-In theory, the simplest strategy for minimizing emotional magnitude is to let time pass before making a decision. Emotions are short-lived. Facial expressions are fleeting, and physiological responses quickly fade.

Suppression:-Although suppression is often touted in the popular literature (e.g., “control your anger”), research indicates that it is often counterproductive, intensifying the very emotional state one had hoped to regulate. Attempting to avoid feeling an emotion will typically reduce one’s expressive behavior but have little or no impact on one’s subjective experience of the emotion. Indeed, physiological reactions to suppression are often mixed and frequently deleterious.

Reappraisal. Reframing the meaning of stimuli that led to an emotional response, i.e., reappraisal, has consistently emerged as a superior strategy for dissipating the emotional response. Reappraisal includes such behaviors as reminding oneself “it’s just a test” after receiving a poor exam grade, adopting the mindset of a nurse or medical professional to minimize the emotional impact of viewing someone’s injury, or viewing a job layoff as an
opportunity to pursue long-forgotten dreams.

Major conclusion from the
past 35 years of research on emotion and decision making include:

Emotions constitute powerful and predictable drivers of decision making. Across different types of decisions, important regularities appear in the underlying mechanisms through
which emotions influence judgment and choice.

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