Researched-Based Reasons to Hug your Kids

Children need the loving affection of their parents to feel emotionally secure, and to know that they are unconditionally accepted into the family. The physical intimacy of a hug builds trust and a deep sense of safety in our children, which frees them up to enjoy the world around them.

During distress, high level of cortisol is released circulating through the body and the brain. ... Hugs trigger the release of oxytocin to lower the level of stress hormone and prevent harmful effects. Hugging helps children learn to regulate their own emotions and become more resilient.

There are four hormones which determine a human's happiness -
1. Endorphins,
2. Dopamine,
3. Serotonin, and get
4. Oxytocin.
It is important we understand these hormones, as we need all four of them to stay hilly.

Let's look at the first hormone the Endorphins. When we exercise, the body releases Endorphins. This hormone helps the body cope with the pain of exercising.

 We then enjoy exercising because these Endorphins will make us happy. Laughter is another good way of generating Endorphins. We need to spend 30 minutes exercising every day, read or watch funny stuff to get our day's dose of Endorphins.

The second hormone is Dopamine. In our journey of life, we accomplish many little and big tasks, it releases various levels of Dopamine.

When we get appreciated for our work at the office or at home, we feel accomplished and good, that is because it releases Dopamine.

 This also explains why most housewives are unhappy since they rarely get acknowledged or appreciated for their work.

Once, we join work, we buy a car, a house, the latest gadgets, a new house so forth. In each instance, it releases Dopamine and we become happy.

Now, do we realize why we become happy when we shop?

The third hormone Serotonin is released when we act in a way that benefits others.

 When we transcend ourselves and give back to others or to nature or to the society, it releases Serotonin.

Even, providing useful information on the internet like writing information blogs, answering peoples questions on Quora or Facebook groups will generate Serotonin.

 When we hug our children Oxytocin is released. Similarly, when we shake hands or put our arms around someone's shoulders, various amounts of Oxytocin is released.

ये पढ़े:
So, it is simple, we have to exercise every day to get Endorphins,
we have to accomplish little goals and get Dopamine,
we need to be nice to others to get  Serotonin and
finally hug our kids, friends, and families to get Oxytocin and we will be happy. When we are happy, we can deal with our challenges and problems better.

Now, we can understand why we need to hug a child who has a bad mood.

So to.make your child more and more happy day by day ...

1.Motivate him to play on the ground - Endorphins

2. Appreciate your child for his small achievements- Dopamine

3.inculcate sharing habit through you to your child - Serotonin

4. Hug your child -Oxytocin

Bottom line:

When we feel Grateful for the given things, the level of secretion of happy hormones z high.

So install the attitude of gratitude with us and our children