Crazy Illusion pictures with explaination to amaze you in 2020

Optical illusions occur because our brain is trying to interpret what we see and make sense of the world around us.Optical illusions are images that differ from the objective reality.Optical illusion sometimes also called visual illusions.What our eye sees is interpreted by the brain in such a way that it contradicts physical measurement of the provided image.

Guys In this post I'm come with very amazing optical illusions or you can say visual illusions. 

This post is mainly Picture based and all pictures are collected from various sites such as and

Without wasting time get ready to be confused. 😵

What both arrows are pointing the same direction on the paper behind the glass?

If Yes! This illusion demonstrations refraction, the bending of light. You have heard about this in Light chapter.

Concentrate on any one yellow dot for while then see what happens next.

You can't see the other two dots simultaneously.

This one is multitasking illusion,In this you can notice the rotation in both clockwise as well as counter clockwise direction.

Crazy Illusion pictures with explaination to amaze you in 2020

Now it's time for facial illusion. I'm gonna give you some pictures of facial illusion which really going to rotate your mind.

Crazy illusion pictures are given below:

Which two animals are there in the given Picture of illusion?

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Donkey or a couple?

Dish...? Or something else

What about this guys ? What is this? If you get this then you are really a genius and your brain is sharp because getting this illusion pictures is not at all easy.

Illusion pictures with explaination is a best way to train your brain and to make it sharp enough to be genius.

2020 Crazy Illusion pictures with explaination to amaze you

You are Reading Optical illusion pictures with explanations,and I myself BaaMaa's Beta is here to provide you illusion images with explanation.

According to Wikipedia:

An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is an illusion caused by the visual system and characterized by a visual percept that arguably appears to differ from reality

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 How many colours are there in this illusion photo?

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Graphics Illusion or Vector Illusion for you.I need your concentration for all those images which are given below,so stay tuned for more fun.

Just watch for at least 20 sec on each Illusion pictures.I confirm you don't need any explanation for these pictures.

Read this:

This one is very good if you focus on this given picture you will found much more in this.

 Is it a Bird?

What if I say it is just a painted women.
Look closer,tilt your head and focus.

There is no lake:
Have a close look,not getting ! Tilt your head.

Have a look on this.

Is both orange Dot are of same size?

 Have a look on this picture: scaling the same size of both orange Dot in this illustration Illusion image.

Half of the disc is black painted and half have arc on white background see what happens next in this Illusion picture.

 On spinning you can't able to focused at dot for long time.

See this Illusion picture by turning your mobile,before and after type illusion picture.

If your brain is sharp then notice what is illusion in this hugging picture.

Look at this .gif illusion pic.
Given Illusion gif is of black and white colour.

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What cat is doing? - going up or down the stairs.

Guess male or female?

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