Dr. Amruta Created fifth state of matter (BEC) or Proving Bose-Einstein Prediction During Lockdown

Do you know in the year 1920 Satyendra Bose and Albert Einstein predicted a new state of matter.
Yes, Before this only 4 states of matter were known i.e.,

Now, What about 5th State of Matter?
This 5th state is the Bose-Einstein Condensate which was nothing but a pre-assumption or Prediction you can say made by both Satyendra Bose and Albert Einstein.
In the Year 1995, Only two scientists named Cornell and Weiman. They created what is known as the 5th state of matter or the Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC).
This Experiment was performed by using gas containing Rubidium atoms.
Let's know about what happens actually or how is it possible to achieve Bose Einstein Condensate: The Fifth state of matter.

Let's imagine what happens when we cool a gas.The gas particles they start to lose energy and they come together, they condensed into the liquid state this process is known as Condensation under normal temperature ranges.
Now here comes the fun part imagine what will happen if this Condensation occurs at very low temperatures like absolute zero or zero Kelvin or -273 °C.
These very low temperatures are very hard to achieve and they can only be achieved only in a laboratory. At these low temperature the gases particles they condensed into a cluster.They tend to remain in liquid state,called as super cooled liquid but now since they're losing energy.They do not behave like separate gas particles.They condemns together to form a cluster and behave like one super atom.

So at these low temperature the motion in the particles ceases and hence we have the new state of matter known as the Bose-Einstein condensate.

What is the Fifth state of matter or BEC?

Those state of matter which are characterized by super cooled and super unenergetic particles.
Now you understand why this experiment can only be performed in a laboratory.
But wait! India have a lady named Dr. Amruta Gadge who did this experiment and achieve and proved the fifth state of matter known as Bose-Einstein Condensate.
Physicists Dr. Amruta Gadge of Sussex University who born in India created the BEC : The Fifth state of matter working from his home during this COVID19 lockdown. It's the time when the entire world is facing the coronavirus pandemic in between these situation, Dr. Amruta by using Quantum technology she created the Einstein - Bose condensate.
She was working remotely from his living room two miles away from University of Sussex.This shows experiments can be done in those inaccessible places.
Dr. Amruta Gadge is the daughter of Physics teacher, She says her mother is the source of inspiration for her.
Here is the Exclusive Interview with a India born lady who promises to inspire so many young girls not only girls but boys too.

1. How does she is feeling after proving Bose - Einstein Prediction?

She said she is really feeling wonderful and whole fellow partner were excited to have a BEC (Bose - Einstein Condensate) in her experiment.
It is also important that she is not the first one to create Bose-Einstein Condensate.
It was first achieved in 1995 (over 25 years ago) in a laboratory by Cornell and Weiman.

2.What was the process and how did the at - home breakthrough happen?

Dr. Gadge said that the process has been a lot slower than if she had been in the laboratory. As the experiment is very sensitive. She did this experiment in her living room with limited resources which requires a lot of patience.

She said it was a laborious effort but one that was completed worth it.

3.Whom you would like to credit to have supported in your life journey as a scientist?

Dr Amruta Gadge with her mom. Image Credit: Dr Gadge Image Source: shethepeople 

She said her mother has been the biggest support in her journey as a scientist.Her mother herself a physics teacher and always supported Dr. Amruta Gadge to excel in her academic life.She also mentioned her grandfather to helped her in thinking positively.His husband is also scientist and Dr. Gadge said he is true better half. She is too loving of her family she said.

4. What is your message for the young women in science?

Keep asking questions and never let your thirst for discovery be curbed and always believe in yourself.

Hope you learned something new...