In today`s blog , I am going to most necessary topic to talk about. Everyone (almost who is reading my blogs) faces some problems and are confused on even little things. 
Teenage, a period when we move from childhood to adulthood. It is the time when our life's career, personality and status is defined. 
We suddenly become so much angry in this stage, sometimes becomes so much happy and suddenly sadness arises. It is the age when we become selfish, lazy, more active and affection to make new friends arises. 

So today we will learn its causes and how to make teenage an opportunity not a point for disappointment for future.

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A person who enters in the age period of 12 and lasts till 19 is termed as teens. 

In this period of 13-19 years, change in our body appearance, behaviors and qualities, psychological changes occurs . it is often associated with adolescence. 

Since my aim is to tell you problems of teenage how to overcome them. So let's come to the topics from definition.

Changes that we feel and even not feel

You feel or not, before and after teenage starts, everything changes. You become angry even not notice it. We left our clothes in bathroom, lose things and forgot it too, doesn't complete food in plates.

Isn't it?

These are due to hormonal changes during teenage period. We get frustrated often on any topic. Mobile phones are addicted more than usual. In winter some of you not feel so much cold, that's why not wear coats. I know that you all have faced these changes. so now move to its effect and cause.
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Cause of these changes

As discussed above I told you some changes in adolescence or teenage. If you go on hormonal change and body changes. You can get this in your academic book.  I will tell you what academics not tell usual things we face.
1.Why we left clothes here and there,can`t complete our food in plates ?
Our brain is connected to each neurons through synapse. It contains a fatty acid which is called myelin. This is not created suddenly and start to move from our back side of brain to front side where all risk taking works are controlled and that’s why in teenage our prefrontal brain is not fully connected to other region of brain. This cause lack in judgements and impulse controls. 

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2.Why we become often angry especially on elders advice or statements by them ?
Since we have no control over our frontal lobes and this cause mood swings an often become angry. This is the time when mental illness can come on. So if you think you are to be angry, count ten and think twice. This will help you to remove anger. 

3.Why we don’t like to wear coats or sweaters in winter?
Here, we can say it has a biological factor because, It is just lack of attention since our impulsive action not works well to plan ahead. Not always blame biological changes, some of us just do it to show or impress our mates.

4.We want to go where there is excitement, we stay where there is love !

Studies say that teenage is the age where our brain is straightening synapse for more connectivity and finding new ways in brain that makes us feel some strange feelings , that`s why we also become happy and sad same time. 

And sex hormones produced during teenage cause attraction to opposite sex. A study was made to know how much persons think that what is meant to them by real friends. Many of them said that one who is in your surroundings and lives around us are meant to be friend but they would like to have a life sharing with unknown just because we want adventure.

There are also some positive facts of teenage beyond it is said that hardest part of life !

i).  Sense of humor is a quality greatly to be seen in teenage.
ii). Friends made in teenage are to be life long remember-able.
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iii).  A stage when one side connection is starting to develop to connect brain, other side we have higher tendency to learn more.
iv).  Taking risk is other major qualities of teenagers.
v). Quality of helping strangers

So that’s for now for more stay tuned to Trending Gyan.

Hope you learned something new.