India on the Path of Modernization

Being a developing country, India has to cope many challenges with advancement and modernization in other parts of the world. And India, seems to be successful in it. From recent decades. We are focusing more on digitalization. Digitalization means doing a thing in virtual way, where no physical presence is required. From demonetization, it was forced to make India digital faster. It was boosted by introduction of Jio, which made India world’s largest data consuming country. Its affordable price and cheapest rate made digital connectivity even possible to rural or countryside area. Demonetization caused demands of digital payment, online transactions, Jio became giant communication company. Even one who didn’t know little about a keypad phone was listening songs on YouTube.

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And as we know, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, it became true this year, from the early months when corona virus, became a pandemic. Whole India was put under lockdown, and this can be said as a greater turning point for India on a digit way. Now, everyone has only thing to spend time that is through digitalization. Television sector views rate suddenly rose up. Infect Ramayana which was telecasted became most viewed TV show. Data consuming rate became so higher that streaming on high resolution video was stopped.

This is not enough yet to tell that India is moving on a greater pace. All meetings, payments, school classes, or academic classes, even rallies are now moved up to digital media. Education, which was severally affected has now also moved on digital platform. Meetings of government officials have been done through video conferencing. People were unable to go shop, now do shopping online. India has become now one of biggest digital market of world.
What we expected to get in some years later, the lockdown and demonetization or say introduction of Jio are key factors to speed up India’s journey to move fastly on a digital way. Now let`s discuss it in a detail.

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1."Introduction of jio leading a digital revolution"

A Reliance subsidiary, JIO was launched on 27 December 2015 firstly for its employees, but later became available for common people on % September 2016. As everyone knows the data plans before 2017 was too much higher, we had to pay up to 100 rupees for 1 GB data with validity for 1 month. Airtel, idea, vodaphone had charged too much prices . But when the jio came, everything changed, it shook the telecom sector of India.

With free DATA and Voice calling feature for starting months made a revolution in each city of India. Later due to TRAI policy the free unlimited Data plan was changed , but in compare to earlier rates it is negligible. For 4G DATA it charges 6-7 rupees per GB. And yet voice calling was free and 100 SMS free for daily. Now all giant telecom companies faced too much loss, they had loss the rates of data along with free voice. and in just year, JIO became world`s must subscribed telecom company having greatest Customers in range.

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Its introduction is the reason for a digital revolution for India. Mainly rural people now had access to internet. Jio did not stopped here , on 15 August 2017, Jio Phone was launched with free of cost . It was keypad phone with LTE support. Now one who had problem to use Jio in 4G headset, and faced financial problem to buy a new phone. now they bought it at large scale. The phone came with Brand name 'LYF'.

The fact can not be ignored that after introduction of Jio, India became largest user of Data in the world. What the Americans used in one moth, we used in a day. And this was the way to digitalization.

2."Demonetisation - Door to Digital PAyments."

the date that no one would forget, 8 November, 2016, the Indian prime Minister, PM Modi came live on Durdarshan (TV) and announced that " the Notes that were being used from decades of 500 & 1000 were now invalid ". and now India saw new notes of 500 and 1000 notes was vanished with introduction of 2000 rupees notes.

The environment that was created by Jio , having internet connectivity to now among millions of Indians. Now all Indians moved towards the digital payments. The merchants of Big shops with even THELAWALAS had also opted for digital payment. E- wallets, credit cards , debit cards were popularized by government at large scale . It is another factor which made India one step forward in being Digital.

3."Corona : A necessary evil for India"

From the starting of the year , Pandemic has caused too much disastrous to humans . But one thing that it had been good at is Making India Digital. It would not be wrong to say ' Corona - The driver Digital transformation yet." . The theme of Social distancing that became important for everyone has caused too much loss and affected financial status of every sector of the society. 

But the way that was success in this period was digitalization. When everyone was sitting home, now everyone moved towards mobile phone. The average screen time of citizens grew too much. Data utilization rates went higher. All classes and business meetings now moved to digitalization. Due to digital study, the subscribers of telecom sectors increased. This period of & months has made India to digitalized itself at large scale. Zoom, Youtube, Google meet, Tiktok, along with OTT platforms earned about 233 % more profits that usual., while someone had great loss too. But Jio managed to gather 62.5 Lakhs subscribers in this lockdown.

So these above mentioned points can be said as a chronological levels for Digitalized India. As expected, if this pandemic not goes soon, then India will now moved almost fully to Digital way. now concluding this that while writing the blog and when you read in future, India would have achieved more.

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