Revealing the downside of social media
Social Media:The Dark Side

No matter how hard you try you cannot escape social media.Research says nearly 70% of us use Facebook. And more than half of youngster's use or handle more than two social media sites.

Using social media websites can become assets but it is hard true that it is also affecting our life and our precious relationship.

So in this article we gonna read about the dark side of social media.

And in this article I wanna show you some surprising answer of Facebook CEO: Mark Zuckerburg on social media that might change your thinking.

How can Social Media affect us?

Let's begin,

Social media is online everywhere from Facebook where you can reconnect with friends and family to Twitter where you can talk with politicians and celebrities.
Instagram where you can share photos with friends and family or even Snapchat a app that lets you stand short videos that go away eventually over the time.

But for every good memory, friend you find there's an equally cringy pick out there and bad memory you see.

Experts agree that social media has negative effects and while it's being digital social media is affecting physical life as well.

It can tell anything from cyberbullying to digital drama to revenge pornography.

Dark side of social media is just a general term that explains unintended consequences that result from short or long term effects of social media use.

It's almost worse you know to do cyberbullying so think about what bullying used to happen maybe in elementary or Middle School it would be maybe one-on-one but it's something that happen there so instead of this being one person one bully and one one person you see that their networks are exposed to this.

According to research groups nearly 17 percent of High School students had cyber bullied and nearly 23 percent of 18 to 30 years old people had been victims of revenge porn.

We don't want to see the dark side of social media and we don't want to think about these things until it happens to us.

It goes outside the digital realm too.

National Safety Council found 97 percent of US workers have at least one of the leading factors of fatigue that they attribute to social media.

I see that almost every day you know someone questioning "is something wrong with me?" or "what's going on?"

Psychotherapists says a lot of patients have these factors.They will present with physical symptoms such as back aches, neck ache, tension in their body, headaches and difficulty concentrating.
You know all these symptoms are stress-related.

The constant screen time and the content on those screen have both physical and mental consequences when combined social media creates a lot of anxiety.

Some people questioning themselves that why I'm not sleeping? Why is my appetite always changing and you know it's small things and later on they will turn into bigger things.

Maybe the only full proof way to help with all of this is to cut yourself off from impact of social media networks but before you go through and yell at your phone or computer you should know that there are other ways you can get help.

Sometimes you need a lot of hope. People need just some guidance of how well how do I let go.

Don't worry there is a key to avoiding the bad element of social media you all need to be more mindful about our social media and our digital use that means stepping back and analyzing how you use social media is what you're saying appropriate.

Is this something that you would say out of dinner conversation in good company. Right?

And finally you taking breaks, letting yourself disconnect from social media and letting go of social media stress.
You should bottle all those stuff, put the lid on it and you don't have to keep them you know you can you can open the jar a little and let that stuff go.

Well, Experts agreed on is that the more we talk about issues the more we listen the better we become at embracing the light side of social media.

So guys now its time to share a short interview session part of Mark Zuckerburg:

Revealing the downside of social media

Ques. Mark Zuckerburg, would you like to share in which hotel you reside yesterday?

Mark: No

Ques. If you messaged anybody in this week would you share with us the names of people you messaged?

Mark: No

In context, what sense these conversations with Facebook CEO makes in your mind, I would like to see it on my comment box. See what actually happens in case of Facebook like social media platform.

When you upload a new photo of yourself on Facebook, that's a moment where your mind is very vulnerable to knowing what other people think of my new profile photo. When your profile photo got new likes. Facebook knows you like that moment they send you notification- Oh you have new likes on your profile picture.

We should know the engagement of social media and our smartphone releases a chemical called dopamine.

This is the same chemical that makes us feel good. That's why it is highly highly addictive.

Hope you learned something new.