You might be one of the millions who has taken a yoga class then you perhaps even mastered the peacock pose or maybe the downward dog pose. You might do yoga for physical benefits or to rest your mind but Yoga has a lot more to offer for deeper consciousness and higher awareness.

Hey, guys, it's Baamaa's Beta from Trending Gyan if you haven't been reading I'm sharing some tips and tools of social media with you and in this article, I'm going to talk about how you can thrive as a yield a teacher to build a wonderful business for yourself as well as help the world become a healthier, happier place. What is better than that today I'd like to share with you some of the most effective ways to build your brand and yourself as a yoga teacher through social media.

What is yoga?

The term Yoga means union the union between our body and the different aspects of life. The balance with our mind and with a bigger connection with ourselves going from individual to universal, bringing harmony to our thoughts to our words and to our actions anything that brings us back to our nature which is harmony and joy is yoga.

Yoga is not the only exercise in postures but how we communicate and act skillfully in any situation in our life. Yoga is a live philosophy that helps live in balance through discipline non-violence and respect in the whole world. Yoga has become synonymous with happiness and people have also found relief for anxiety stress addictions and insomnia yoga can give you energy to work and so much relaxation for you to rest.

Four primary types of yoga:

  • ·         Bhakti-yoga,
  • ·         Karma-yoga,
  • ·         Jnana-yoga,
  • ·         Raja yoga.


Oh yeah! There is a wonderful tool and are some very simple ways that you can expand your outreach through social media. One thing to note we didn't all grow up as meditators and yoga teachers and some of us have past history I've had Facebook since 2016. I got Facebook when I was in school and I was not posting quotes on the topic of lifestyle. When I was in college I was posting pictures of myself with my friends and believe it or not if you scroll down enough or you look through those archives or photos not anymore but there was a time where I can you can find a lot of those old pictures, now of course there's something to be said about embracing the journey that has brought us to where we are.

Today at the same time there are people who don't know you out there that may be searching for you and it's important to pay attention to what may be out there on social media and if you want to represent yourself a certain way to your students and to potential new clients.

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You may want to delete some old pictures just saying if you're not willing to do that it's really important to have maybe your personal Facebook page and then also start a business page. You can set a business page for free and you can use your own name you could even use yoga, right?

If I were doing yoga that's on a yoga page and when it comes to the business of any sort and exposing and expressing yourself through social media whether it's Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. All I can say is you know I've built a huge following for myself on Facebook without actually trying to, it might sound strange but I want to share this because it's important.

I was really just tuning into inspired me like whether it was a quote, whether it was something that happened in my own life and sharing authentically from my heart. When you share authentically people feel that you know when you share authentically what inspires you whether it's a quote, whether it's a picture or whatever it is.

The people who resonate with that are going to start following you that's why I like you know there's thousands and thousands of yoga teachers in the world what makes certain people attracted to certain teachers it's because it's like your Facebook account or your Instagram account. It's a representation of what is meaningful and conspiring to you and that has the capacity to inspire others as well.

So all I can say is don't try to do what you think other people want you to do and try not to do what everyone else is doing it might sound strange because they will where's my frame of reference, your frame of reference is inside. I used to always post my yoga schedule for the week on Facebook thinking that for some reason that was going to give me some like extra boost of yeah like everyone's going to start flocking to my classes and I noticed that I was pushed this is for me.

I was posting my schedule because it kind of fed my ego like look how many classes I'm teaching this week whereas these days I don't even teach that many public classes and I don't know how much value I was adding to people's lives by simply listing my schedule or posting a picture of myself doing a handstand. I still post pictures of myself doing yoga postures and hands dance it's great but if you think about it quantitatively if at least 80 percent of the information that you're giving people has value and can support people on their journey then great the last 20% to be fun selfies.

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Quotes on Yoga

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." -- The Bhagavad Gita
Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within.
Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.


Follow the culture of yoga and live Healthy life and whatever it is but think about how you are adding value to others through your posts and you'll notice over time you're gonna start getting a lot more followers because you're being true to yourself and no one enjoys anything more than seeing someone who's true to themselves honest authentic and confident so find what inspires you share that with the world and see what happens to stay tuned for more please share this page if you enjoyed it I have a lot more coming your way.