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In this blog we will see about a painting that smile when we look at lips but fades as go far. A book which has not yet translated, written in unknown language. A place where Indian Govt. bans entrance by Evening. A person who came from Unknown country “Taured”
world's unsolved mystries

Today in this blog I am going to share you some thrilling facts with truths. What  you believe from Trending Gyan, is here.

Most mysterious book 

The Voynich Manuscript

A medieval book written in unknown knowledge. It is written in central Europe in 15th century. It is larger than normal book, with 246 pages. There are some gaps in page number and order of pages is different than it was published. Its named for Wilfrid Michael Voynich, who was Polish book dealer who purchased it from Italian library. He tried to find some one who can translate it but no one can

Source- Internet
So is Google translator not able to translate it?

Google translator works on translation of words in groups. But we want translation in word by word.It is one of the biggest unsolved problems in history ever. 

Most mysterious paintings

The most mysterious painting of the world. Its smile is most mysterious. You can not determine whether it was made intentional or unintentional. This painting is now owned by government of France. When you look at her eyes, mouth is in peripheral vision, which sees in black and white. But smile soon diminishes when you look straight at it. It changes its look when you look it far away. It makes this painting most mysterious and alive. 

Most mysterious place 

Bhangarh Fort, India


Situated in Rajsthan. This is the most mysterious place where entry is banned after dark by Indian Government. It is the most haunted spot of India. Several deaths has occurred here, reported by government from Local people.  I have one full post on it. You can see it here.

Most mysterious person

Man from unkown country “Taured”

Imagniry image/ Source-Internet
In july 1954, a man landed at Tokyo international airport. When his passport was checked by airport officials, the passport he carried belongs to a unknown country “ Taured”, which doesn’t exist. He was a businessman and said that his country lies between France and Spain. More confusion arised when, he said he has come here several times. He was French speaker but even fluent in Japanese. Police suspected him as criminal and was locked in a hotel. His document was seized by police. He was in such a security from where he could not escape. But on other day, police was surprised when he was found missing in his room. No sign of escape, no damage to any materials, no windows were there, full security. Even he was missing. Most surprising was that, his all document, which was kept in Japnese Police headquarters, was also disappeared.

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