Bengaluru-based Company makes Special device to Stop Corona virus, Gets FDA and EU Approval

A company based in Bengaluru city of Karnataka state has created a device for the prevention of corona virus (COVID-19), which has been approved by the American Food and Drug Association (USFDA) and the European Union (EU). 

This device of the company got this approval only last week. This device, named Shycocan- Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon, is like a drum in appearance. By which the corona virus can be prevented from spreading from one person to another.

This device can be installed in public places such as office, school, college, hostel or airport. The specialty of this device is that it can neutralize the spike-protein (A-protein) and A-protein (S-Protein) present in the corona virus by up to 99.9%. Due to this, the virus will not spread from person to person. However, an infected person cannot be cured by this.

Kumar on Shycocan

Shycocan in Kumar's hand
Shycocan w.r.t Man

Regarding the device, Dr. Raja Vijay Kumar, head of the De Scalene company in Bengaluru, said that we have given licenses to some companies from India and abroad to manufacture these devices manually. Companies in the US, Europe and Mexico have sought for the license. He said that after 26 types of tests, approval has been received from USFDA and EU. This device can help prevent the corona virus from spreading, especially in indoor locations. By applying it everywhere, it will work to stop the virus.

The device was also sent to the US in March, where it became clear that it covers an area of ​​10,000 cubic meters. Now the question arises how this device will prevent the virus from spreading. So the answer is that wherever it will be placed, it will fill it with hundreds of electrons. In such a situation, even if a corona infected person comes to this place, these electrons will eliminate the malignancy of virus caused by sneezing or coughing in the air. In addition, if the infected person touches something, the electrons will eliminate the risk of the virus from it.

The Corona Canon is here!


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