Jio Glass - Everything You Want To Know | Price | Features | Review

Jio Glass - Everything You Want To Know | Price | Features | Review

Every year Reliance Jio announces new products at AGM. Jio fiber has been enabling world-class connectivity at home with collaboration and entertainment solutions for each and everyone. Jio gains user exponentially because of its amazing features and appreciable services to their customers.

What is Jio Glass?

Jio Glass was launched at the 43rd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). It is a mixed reality headset, which can be connected to your phone to make video calls, meetings in 3D video calls, etc.
The weight of Jio Glass is just 75 grams. It is like any other spectacle, which you can apply on your eyes. In this, the company has given sensors, cameras etc. Jio Glass will make you feel the 3D world by connecting to your mobile. The manufacturing company will also provide a connector so that you can connect your jio glass to your smartphone.

This new device of Jio supports all types of audio formats and no wires are provided in it. In this, the company has also provided 25 types of mixed reality apps, such as entertainment, learning, gaming, shopping, etc. However, Reliance has not yet announced the price of Jio Glass.

What is a virtual reality glass?

Virtual reality refers to how you interact with things in the virtual world. For example, if you have a photo in your smartphone, then you can only see it, but through this technology, an atmosphere is created around you that you will feel that you are present in that place and you can see things there. Will be able to feel, which will be a completely different experience which will make it easier to understand things.

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Specification/Features of jio glass

  • Jio Glass has a cable to connect the smartphone.

  • Jio Glass will be able to run 25 in-built applications to manage reality video conferences with audio.

  • There will also be two microphones which will help in video conferencing.

  • Jio Glass has similarities to Google Glass, it is bulkier and chunkier.

  • There are many buttons for different functionalities Jio Glass weighs 75 grams and will work on 5G services.

  • People will be able to share files as well as make presentations (in both 2D and 3D formats).

Uses of Jio Glass

Jio Glass can be used by students for virtual classrooms to teach online. Because schools are closed due to Coronavirus pandemic in the whole country. In this case, you will provide the facility of Jio Glass virtual demonstrations. Through this you can do a virtual tour of any place. Along with this, online marking will help. Jio is soon launching its online education platform called Jio Embibe, which will be paired with Jio Glass. Thus, Jio will again bring revolution in the field of digitization.

It will also be beneficial for corporate, people can make holographic video calls with teammates and can join 3D avatar or regular video calling format. Once users join a call, they can share and view presentations on a large virtual screen via Holographic images.

When will the sale be on

Reliance has not given much information while launching Jio Glass. It is being said that in the coming time, the company can give information about its price, features and other benefits. At the same time, no information has been revealed about it till when Jio Glass will be available for sale.

Jio Glass Quick Information

Name: Jio Glass
Launch date: 15 July
Cost/Price: Not Revealed
Company name: Reliance
When will you get in the market: Date not confirmed.

Jio Glass | Price | Features | Review

Questions and answers related to Jio Glass -

Which company launched this virtual glass?

Ans. This Jio Virtual Glass is launched by Anil Ambani's company Reliance.

What will be the cost of Jio glass?

Ans. The price of this jio glass has not yet been decided by the company.

When did jio glass launch in India?

Ans. 15 July 2020

How long will it come in the jio glass market?

Ans. No information related to its launch is available yet.

Can customers avail normal call facility with this Jio Glass?

Ans. Yes, customers can also talk with this Jio Glass by making a normal call.

Jio Glass Launching Video