On 20 July ,1969 Neil armstrong became the first one to land on moon from the Earth. It is well written everywhere that Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the Moon. It was America's great achievement and for humankind too. There are some conspiracy that tells and proves that America' s Moon landing was suspicious.  There are some evidences that indicates  that Armstrong Landing on Moon was fake. Most of the conspiracy theories suggest that the image we see today is actually edited. It is also claimed that to distract the world from VIETNAMESE-War, America fooled the world by this photos of Moon landing. Be with me to know more.

Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
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It is said that with the help of some organistations, NASA and USA faked the world and actually no any astronauts were ever landed on the Moon. This topic was over heated when  Fox television network released a documentry that - DID WE EVER LANDED ON THE MOON?  This documentry claimed that NASA just faked us to win the race of moon landing in 1969. 

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Now a question arises if this conspiracy is true then what could be motive of US or NASA behind it?

First reason could be the Space Race, where two powerful nation of that time - USA and USSR who were in a competition to develope a misile system for Cold war. And who wins this race could be said to be more powerful and it could create world- Claim.

Second theory says that NASA faked about moon landing so that it could get funds. For its moon mission NASA got about US $30 billion and to continue its funding they claimed to land on moon.

Third theory suggests that, to distract the world from VIETNAM- War, this news was spreaded, and NASA helped in it so that its funding would not stop as money was to be invested in war not in research.

The Photos given that time by NASA had also some faults like - 


If you see closely to this image, you see a cross hair on the image, This effect only appears in copied and scanned photos, not any originals. It is caused by overexposure: the bright white areas of the emulsion "bleed" over the thin black crosshairs. One thing more to focus is that u can see "C" on the rock. This generally come on most likely printing imperfections and do not appear in the original film from the camera.

SOurce- NASA

If you see closely to this image now, then one conspiracy arised that about the position of shadows of Armstrong and his mate.  Questions arised on the wrong angle of shadows of two men

One conspiracy theory tells how America was making efforts to win space war that America took help of NAZIs scientists. Those persons who were said to be world claim criminals. America destroyed their criminal data and make them a part of NASA moon landing mission part. NASA had brought Nazis in not number of 10 or 20 , about 1500 Nazis were brought to NASA headquarters. That time American President had already said that he will do anything to win over USSR. 

Source- NASA

In this image you can see clearly the flag is waving on the moon , that is impossible on moon as there is no atmosphere on the moon. second the picture was high quality for that time that only studio camera could capture it. this again raised question that " Did we ever landed on the moon?

How ever all these theories were not claimed to be alse and even scientifically not examined. that's why even after 4 decades it is a question on Armstrong's Landing - Real or Fake.
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