How Online Classes are Affecting Students During Lockdown

Side effect of online education
Student Learning Online

    We all know due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Economies have taken a downturn, Production lines have been cut off and schools and universities have closed indefinitely. Under these circumstances, it is only normal to make everything accessible online so that the academic period carries on. However this might not be a great option for a lot of students out there. They are finding it difficult to cope up with this new agenda of education.

Surveys conducted in a variety of institutions around the world shows that, the mental health of students who are currently undertaking online classes are seriously affected. Apparently, it causes them generalized anxiety disorder, restlessness and hopelessness about their future.

"We see two types of cases. In some students, existing mental health problems have exacerbated due to the lockdown-induced restrictions on the free movement. The other type of case involves those whose mental health problems can be linked to the lockdown alone," says one of the professor of an university in Delhi.

He also added “Students who remain confined to their hostel rooms or PG accommodation report depressive mood, sleeplessness, tendency to engage in self-injurious behaviors, such as face-slapping or skin-picking, more frequently than those who stay at home. However, even those students who are residing at home with their families have complained about suffering from interpersonal problems, including domestic violence”, he says.

Apparently, Students don’t feel themselves open up their mind to a calming classroom experience when they are stuck at home. Not to mention the distresses arising in each household due to stay at home orders.

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Even though there may be pros to online classes and considering they are our only option as of now, there are certain ways it affects students.

Not everyone has internet access:

          This is the major concern when it comes to online classes. We may have smartphones and laptop for our personal usage. But some people out there has no access to Internet or gadgets like smartphones/Laptops to attend these online classes. These people rely on face to face interaction with their Teachers to educate themselves. Also, this concern may vary according to the region/country.

Online classes give you more freedom than you need:

          Online classes give you the comfort of learning from your home even without leaving your bed. But this can be such a hassle if you don’t know how to handle it.The more freedom you get, the less responsible you are going to be .This affects directly on your productivity and self confidence.

Online classes  requires you to be more independent:

          Online classes requires your potential to be fully optimized. This is a good thing but something that is too much to handle .Not everyone can cope up with learning on their own and producing assessments and Tasks without some help from their fellow mates or teachers.

They are finding it difficult to cope up with this new agenda of education.
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Domestic environment may not be the same for everyone:
 This thing may not be a concern for many but it is a vital impact for some students. Not everyone’s homes are filled with joy always. There comes a time when disputes arise within the house hold and it may not be the most  peaceful place to concentrate on your studies. Also with everyone staying at home, the chances of these disputes arising and affecting students are high now more than ever.

Staying indoors might affect students mentally:

           Even though we used to wish everyday to get back home after a long and tiring day nowadays after staying indoors for almost throughout day and night, it certainly has an impact on students who couldn’t get a breath of fresh air without leaving their home. Students tend to be filled with boredom and stress simultaneously which end up eating them up from inside, that could lead them to impatience, restlessness and anxiety.

Conclusion :

      Even though during these tough times we got to keep up with the academic schedule, it should be the concern of each University and school to make sure that their students are accessible to the internet and has the right equipment  to cope up with the others. Also there should be regular psychological surveys and sessions for students to express their honest opinions and discomforts about these classes which would In turn be used by the institutions to facilitate good nature and help out the students with everything they need.
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