So hello dear friends, I am back here.  Today I will talk about some of the daily life incidents, which often arises questions but we don't know their causes like - Why boling milk comes out of pan and no in case of boiling water? 

Why we often realise that someone is calling us when we put headphones? 

who are the persons behind the sound that we hear on MObile ,while calling like "नमस्कार ,कोरोना वायरस या covid 19 से आज पूरा देश लड़ रहा है"? and many more. So , stay tuned to know if You are interested!
तो कैसे है आपलोग ? एक बार फिर से मै लाया हु आपके लिए कुछ ऐसा , जो कही और नही मिलेगा वैसा . आज के इस पोस्ट में जानने को मिलेगा की कौन है वो जिसकी आवाज हम कई सालो से सुनते आ रहे है Railway station पर  या हमारे फ़ोन पर ? कान पर हैडफ़ोन लगाने पर ऐसा क्यों लगता है की कोई हमे बुला रहा है ? तो अगर है आप इन सब बातो के पीछे का mystery जानने को बेताब , तो हो जाईये त्यार . trending gyan आज  आपको देगा इन सब बातो का जवाब .

Why we feel like someone is calling us while putting headphones ?

Actually it`s not new for you , it occurs with almost persons. often we realizes while using headphones that someone is calling us by our names an in real no one is there. it not occurs only with headphones but also in theaters too, or here too much sound occurs. This is due to activeness of our mind that keeps us connected to external world that can prevent any accident . Brain keeps us aware to environment by sending a signal to brain of calling by our name. we often care for those persons who call us by our name. even if two persons are talking nearby you , and if they use your name in the conversation. then you have often noticed how son your brain respond , even you were not listening their conversation.Brain regularly take care of dangers by Adrenaline  secretion in little amount for "Fight and Flight purpose".

Why, we ask "WHY" ?

First we know that, why do we ask questions? why we have always a question in our mind! Then we will know why we ask "WHY" .  First look at this statement by Einstein .

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” —Albert Einstein

The main reasons behind asking questions are-

1. Removing all the confusions that arise in our mind. ( Now don`t ask why confusions arise, the topic is "Why we ask WHY")

2. second reasons so that we can acquire more knowledge.

3. To use it for further discussions or to make an impression.

4. Humans are curious to know new things . ( That`s why you are here)

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So we have known some reasons of asking questions, now i will tell you why we ask "WHY"? The reason behind it is that -

1.To error is human after all, so asking “why” defines a clear path and brings everyone on the same page.

2. Imagine if you do any work , there you need an inspiration to  do the work. If you have no any inspiration , you would not be intersted in that work ( like study :) Why gives us inspiration !

3. Asking why removes all the suspense and clear doubts .

The Person behind voice of Station announcement and on phone call?

Whenever you go on railway station,you hear the announcement like " यात्रीगण कृपया ध्यान दे , " or when we call anyone and if he is busy or not receiving call then we hear a message like " आपने जिस व्यक्ति को कॉल किया है वो अभी व्यस्त है "or  "आपके द्वारा dial  किया गया no अभी बंद है " so have you ever thaught who is that person behind it?

Railway staff to no longer get special allowance for extra ...
Source- DTnext

SARLA CHAUDHARY ( Station announcement voice over)

In 1982 , she was one of the candidate who urged for job in announcemnt, she was one of the selected . She worked on daily basis. But her dedication and hard work made her permanent in Indian railway.

 Earlier, there was not much computerised system, so she had to made announcement regularly. But later when it was decided to make a recorded sound for announcement, her voice was chosen that time . She had left the job now, but her voice is yet on job. After marathi announcement was made in recorded mode, it became central. 

Voice Of Sarla Chaudhary In Local Trains

Lady behind CORONA Voice during phone calls

" नमस्कार,कोरोना वायरस या covid 19 से आज पूरा देश लड़ रहा है  while making a phone call from previous some months , this has become a mendatory sound. so do you know who is the voice over artist of it?
           Jasleen Bhalla          

Her voice has been not unknown for India, she also announces in Delhi Metro. But when the pandemic arised and this tone became essential to play instead of tring tring and caller tune, she came in spotlight.She says, is "making me stand out because the nation is unified in fear, and they are also unified in the knowledge that here's this voice I hear every day and so does everyone else"."I'm obviously loving the popularity, the attention," she says, "but then who wants the tag of corona voice?"

Jasleen Bhalla: Meet the voice of the corona caller tune | Delhi ...
Source- Times of India
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