You are here to test the potential of your ad blocker. If you have really a best ad-blocker of 2020. You see only the text of this article otherwise you will gonna see various types of advertisements on this page.

Are you ready for the test. Before we go we must have some basic knowledge about Advertisement and it's type.

Here we go.

What is Ads?

Ads simply means advertisements which are creative and good looking cards promoting particular product or brands, motive to gain popularity. Ads campaign run by various small and big companies even multinational companies also in this ads rush.

Why Ads are Necessary?

Product Ads are running to promote and popularize the identity and quality of the product to the maximum people.

Nowadays ads are running on almost all the wep pages. WEBPAGE ADS are there because, In this era of modernization people see webpages more that any hording and banner putted on the wall or on road side.

As people are spending more time on Internet. Therefore companies started to targeting audience over the internet by giving their ads to the ads serving companies like Google AdWords, Being Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads and AdRolls. 

And these companies shows ads to us and what these company get the amount to serve ads on websites. Little amount of revenue is shared with the website owner. In this way the business of this ads serving and website owner runs.

What are the Types of Ads?

There are following many types of ads which are shown on article of website's webpage.

  • Sales
  •  Lead
  •  App Promotion
  • Brand Awareness and Reach

 What are the different formats of ads?

In Google Ads service, ads shown with different dimensions according to the availability of space on the webpage. As we know google is smarter enough there for it has also feature of Auto Ads and Responsive Ads which changes its dimensions according to space available.

Test Your Ad Blocker.

Disclaimer: This page is created only to taste the ad-blocker of the user. There 
is no intention of Trending Gyan to show extra ads to earn more from Google. This page is just for the testing and research purpose.

Note: Ad Blocker will block all the ads shown in this page.

Responsive Ads