Why Video Games? [Advantages & Disadvantages]

Tancent PUBG MOBILE game owner is making approx. ₹ 33,00,00,000/day which is equal to approximately ₹ 2,30,000 per min.

Garena Free Fire owner makes approx. ₹ 15,000,000/day which is equal to approximately ₹ 6,25,000 per hour.

Video Game Addiction

How much you earn per hour? Well, whatever your response will be I don't need. So, It is perfectly said that "you reap what you sow". This means you eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions. What you are doing now will decide what will you going to get in the future. Isn't it?
Well, if it is. Then why most of the youth, most of the teenager, and obviously most of the people like you who is reading this article are just wasting their precious time on playing video games? We are not just playing man, we are destroying our future, our career, our relationship, our morality and even our culture too.

PUBG Crime News Highlight 

These video games are drawing children to a world of negativity and crime. People who are addicted are now doing mean acts, doing illegal works, changing their perception toward the beautiful world.

Meanwhile I would like to say virtual world will not going to help you. Only this real world has that potential to put you on right track. A top man of science has made conscious of among calls in some quarters to make certain that on-line playing activity, particularly for young persons, do as requested with best between nations quality examples, rules and experiences.

Here you can see some reports on game addiction in India:

Aren't you think why people who have already achieved success in their life do not spend their quality time in playing online games. They are in the rush of competition and being in this they always try to learn something new. That's why you might have seen in pictures that a person with great personality and fame are always involved in reading books.

These are the only person who can bring the change in the world. Only because they pretend to learn something new daily. That's why they never-ever fall on for social media as well as wasting time on playing video games.


Advantages of Playing Video Games

We do know, playing video games has not only losses but it has benefits too.

According to a report Gaming is not bad, only its overuse is just like addiction. And for your kind information in 2022 Asian Games, online gaming will be also included.  
Here are following some advantages of playing video games:

  1. Enhances memorizing capacity
  2. Improves decision making speed
  3. As a mood fresher
  4. Stress and pain relief
  5. Improves concentration and attention
  6. Improves coordination

Playing games like #PUBGM and #FreeFire has also their own benefits as you can see the points mentioned above. Playing video games has power to make you smart.
But friend this society also expect people with good in academics. As in various news articles you might have studied shocked and horrible news on PUBG and FREE FIRE. Many crime acts were also recorded on these very topics. What we could do?
Now, here I would like to tell something about the video game addiction. First thing what this term 'Addiction' means? - Addiction is an often long lasting dangerous disease that affects the structure & function of the brain. Brain is the main coordinating organ of the human body, if somehow it starts malfunctioning there is no hope or reason to survive.
Addiction to video games is the most dangerous problem of the India and Indian government should must focus on it. It is not only for the healthy health of the addicted video games player. But also for the Indian future economy as this will create more productive youth.

Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

Time to mention some disadvantages of playing video games:

  1. Poor academic performance
  2. Behavioral and Mental changes
  3. Eye diseases and eye strain
  4. Weight gain
  5. Mental disorders
  6. Slowing down of brain
  7. Insomnia
  8. Lack of creative skills


Where there's a will there's a way that means if someone is determined to do something, he will find a way to accomplish it regardless of obstacles. So, If you really want good in you, you might do for adding extra skills on you to make yourself valuable. No one wants their future to became hell. If you also... I putted all the possible outcomes of "WHY VIDEO GAMES?". In last addiction is very bad for everyone's life whether it is addiction to game, addiction to video conferencing, addiction to technology, addiction to social media and addiction to internet.

A hindi video is also there on the same topic.

I suggest to you to watch this if you know hindi language.

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