5 Effortless Ways for Safe Online Transactions 

Recently, In the latest financial data breech in the country, questions have been raised on the convenience and safety of online internet transactions after the leakage of data of at least 32 lakh debit cards of 19 banks.

5 Effortless Ways for Safe Online Transactions | Trending Gyan
 5 Effortless Ways for Safe Online Transactions 

 According to the data, 36 percent of Indians were victims of online fraud. The average loss due to internet scams in India was Rs 8.19 lakh while in rest of Asia it was Rs 6.18 lakh. The survey revealed that 17 per cent of the people became victims of bank email fraud being sent through the Internet.

Although technology has made banking much easier, many banking functions are now providing round the clock service and these transactions are being done easily with the help of mobile. The other side of the coin has now come to the fore. Among all the benefits of Internet banking, its threats have become a matter of concern for customers.

We are telling you about 5 tips to assure safe online transactions.

1. Update the operating system of your smartphone. 

Smartphone users should always keep in mind that their phone is equipped with the latest security patch and operating system. You should not remove any security control from your phone. This is called jail breaking or routing. Expert recommend to always give limited access while downloading the app and download only those apps which are very important. This method will help to secure your mobile phone so that any trojan can not install into your device and spy your credentials data like Credit card no. and their passwords.

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2. Always use genuine Antivirus software 

Always use genuine anti virus software to protect your computer from phishing, malware or other threats. Anti-virus helps in detecting and removing spy ware which can infiltrate your confidential information. Suppose you are logging your net banking on some Web Browser and if it contains any trojan. Then it can spy your confidential information like username and password. So, Always use genuine antivirus software for safe online transactions.

3. Change the password regularly 

 You might think this one tip is  keep in mind that it is difficult among those tips for safe and secure online transactions. This may sound bad, but it is necessary to keep your account safe. It also helps to keep the account confidential. Do not share your details with anyone. Your bank never asks you for your banking details, especially by email or phone calls. If you have written your banking password on a notepad or diary then keep it with safety. Always keep a complex password. A complex password should must contain atleast one uppercase, one lowercase, letters, numbers and special characters. Keep separate login and transaction password for different steps of Internet banking.

4. How does it know a web page is secure?

 When you go to a website, its address starts with http. If the same website is with a secure connection then it starts with Https. This means that all the activity between your browser and website is safe and it is the bank's official website. Apart from this, the sign of the first lock of https is the identity of the secure connection. If you see there is not s included with http. Then please don't do any transaction on that website because, it can stole your confidential informations.

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5. Take the facility of mobile notifications

If you have not taken the feature of mobile notifications for bank transactions, take it immediately. This will help you keep an eye on your account. Not only the transaction, the banks also inform you about the failure of login, so that in case of any doubt you will be able to change your password. This method is one of the best efforless tips for being safe on every transaction did by your credentials.

5 Effortless Ways for Safe Online Transactions | Trending Gyan
  5 Effortless Ways for Safe Online Transactions 

Be it shopping online, booking tickets or availing a service, online transactions have the inherent advantage of being convenient and time-saving. There are a lot of reasons to be sharp-eyed while making any online transactions. As the rate of online transactions via internet is booming meanwhile online fraud is also increasing. To secure our data and information we should must remember these 5 Effortless Ways for Safe Online transactions. Otherwise, if you miss fraudsters will get a chance. 

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