2021 Expert Choice 5 Free Mobile Apps for Students | Free Download in 2021

In this article I'm gonna share you those Top 5 Mobile Apps for students which is choosen by experts. The list of Apps which I'm going to share must be installed in the mobile device of students. 

We all know how digitalization is taking place across the world in almost every aspect of life. By taking this into consideration I'm here to give knowledge about 5 top mobile apps for students in 2020, which is absolutely free of cost apps.

Are you getting bore? Don't worry in the next moment you are going to enjoy the actual pleasure of reading article on web. So, let have a quick look on the list of expert choice top 5 free mobile apps for student. One thing more you can download these apps directly from this website without paying any charge means these apps are intended to help students therefore these apps are absolutely free of cost.

I think, It's been too late. I'm just talking about the inroduction. But think beyond why I am taking too much time to put foundation on this topic. It's because these 5 top free mobile apps are really sufficient to make you excel in your career. Trending Gyan always come with a lot of stuffs which is essentials for students and People like you (Sorry! if you are a student, But aren't you a people?). Jokes apart. So let's get started to have a look on the list created by trending gyan on Expert choice top 5 free mobile apps for students in 2020. And be sure I will also left downloading link for you people after every topic.

Here are five free apps that can make you smarter than as usual.


Here I'm done with those top 5 apps that will make your(if you are a student) educational life simpler, easier and more enjoyable.

Quick List of Expert Choice Top 5 free Mobile Apps for Students are

1. Offtime

2. Grammarly Keyboard

3. EduStory

4. Unacademy

5. Kahoot! 


Don't miss the fifth one because, When I will tell you about this mobile application made for students you will fall in love with this loving application.

Now the time come for getting the detail about each and every free mobile apps made to help students building their career.

"Smart world needs smart students"

1. Offtime 


Offtime Free Mobile App for Student

  The developer of this app created this app to keep students emotionally touch with what really matters in this materialistic digital era. Offtime is based on automation of digital detox and to enjoy what really matters to us. Offtime developer says in this hyperconnected world, it is too necessary to find the time to disconnect and focus on what really going to contribute in our life to become a successful people.

There is one question of mine and that is how many times have you stopped paying attention to the persion you are having a conversation with because notifications appers on the screen of your smartphone?- Many of you will say many times, I oftenly did this un intentionally. Therefore, Offtime has its motto that your mobile does not take control of your life.

Download this Free Mobile App- Offtime

2. Grammarly Keyboard


Grammarly Keyboard free mobile app for student 2020

  This app is basically made for those students who made mistakes on every paragraph they write. Are you also used to be scolded by your teacher atleast once in every week? Tell me in the comment box. And don't be shy of sharing this with me because, I myself used to made a lot of mistakes in my essays. So, Grammarly Keyboard is a Keyboard type mobile application which help you to correct your grammar, spellings, and punctuations in any app as you type. 

This app goes where you go to make sure your writing always looks great.

Download this Free Mobile App- grammarly Keyboard

3. EduStory

EduStory free mobile app for student 2020

 This app serve their Students with free eBooks who are preparing for various competitive examination wheather it is of entrance exams for various colleges. This app has a lot of expensive books available to students for absolutely free. This means you can get access to various eBooks of famous books of renowned authors. If you go for hard copy it will cost a huge amount of money but this app is giving you ebooks free of cost for lifetime. You can also demand eBooks directly from developer, and this feature really fascinate me. Meanwhile, This app also have NCERT textbooks for the students from class 9 to class 12.

Free Download EduStory App from the bottom of this page.

4. Unacademy

 You all know this app since from 2017. If you don't know. Don't worry, it is my duty to fulfill you with the knowledge through this trending gyan. I just request you to share this blog with your friends, family and relatives. So, coming to the point Unacademy is the India's largest learning platform. It is the every students companion through their exam journey. In this app you can enroll to any course they provide and start learing live from India's top educators.

In Unacademy mobile application, you can attend live lectures, get your doubts cleared instantly, test your prepration level, enjoy practice sessions and quizzes.

Download Unacademy Free Mobile App Now

5. Kahoot!

This is an educational app for students. This comes last in our list of expert choice 5 free mobile Apps for students. In this app you can play engaging quiz-based games which is known as kahoots in this App. You can join kahoots hosted live-in class or virtually and you can submit your answer too. Flashcards study is always exciting as I know, And this Kahoot! App enables you to do the same either you are study at home or on the go. You can also challenge your friend via this App. So in many ways this Kahoot! free mobile App is going to help students.         

Download Kahoot! free mobile Apps for Students

Final Words 

I'm done with expert choice top 5 free educational Apps for students. Offtime, Grammarly Keyboard, EduStory, Unacademy and Kahoot are those best 5 free mobile apps for students. You can download these apps absolutely free. Once again, Come on, say " Smart world needs smart students". Good. So there I'm finishing this article with this conclusion that download these free application which is solely made to help students create their better future. If you like this article then please do share this article with your loving ones who really need these type of Apps. And also don't forget to put the answer which I asked in the given comment box below.

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