Assam Flood : story of ignorance of Northeast India 

 - In recent days we have often heard  little bit of Assam Flood. We are daily hearing news of celebrities daily life, and political issues of other states. But what we do not see and does not Come in spotlight is the issues of Northeast India. The region which receives first the sunlight and then other parts of India, and the region with cleanest city of Asia along 100 % literacy, is ignored by Central India and Media agencies. About 100 people died many lost their house, but even some people of India are not aware of it. Lets go in deep.

2020- Assam Flood : Story of ignorance of Northeast India
Assam Flood (2020)

For a vast country, India, Northeast part is the easternmost region of our country. It consists of eight states- Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. It is a land of conjugating hills and plains with luxuriant green cover and a wide variety or rare and exotic flora and fauna. It has its own charm, one loses himself in its charismatic magic when goes there.

Amazing NorthEast India

  •  Approximately, 70% region of Northeast India is hilly region.

  •  It is 7 most bio-diverse regions of the world.

  • It possesses more than 550 varieties of Orchids, which are 70% of the total Orchid species identified so far.

  •    It is located at latitude 21.57 and longitude 88 with an area of 22.5 million square km (78% of total land mass of India).

  •  Sikkim, one of Northeast state is the first and only organic state of India.

Amazing Northeast India
Amazing beauty of northerneast India

Specialty you don’t know 

  1. Mawlynnong in Shillong is Asia’s cleanest village with literacy of 100%.
  2. Assam has world’s largest river island, (Majuli) and world’s smallest river island (Peacock Island)
  3. Arunachal Pradesh is where the Sun can be seen first in India, Dong village in Anjaw District is the place to receive second ray of The Sun on Earth after Japan.
  4. Muga silk, the golden treasure of Assam is golden in color and sold at high price in market. It is only produced in Assam and not any part of the world.
  5.   World’s largest weaving village exists in Assam, with Sualkuchi the village.
  6. World’s alone mother run market is in Manipur.
  7. World’s wettest place or say on Earth is in Meghalaya (Mawsynram).
Speciality of Northeast India

  You can be in two countries at same when you go to Nagaland. Longwa village boarder in two halves, in India and Myanmar at same time.

With so much specialty and even diverse culture, why is Northeast never put in spotlight. Why is it neglected?

Media what shows about it is completely different than real. The news we get only of kidnappings, bomb blasts, instead of peace, artistic nature, natural beauty. It is very rich in forest and natural resources, there is no major industries to provide employment. Even our national anthem does not describe about Northeast region. Even a young come to bigger cities of India, he is treated like a foreigners. Gandhiji himself said that if we want to see “Swadesh” go to Northeast. There is equality of both sexes, no dowry and related violence occurred on women.

Indian proud

Talking about Assam flood

It is one of the flood prone states in India. Digital image analysis techniques shows that, about 28.75% of land (22.54 lakh hectares) is in danger due to flood. 17 out of 34 districts are severally affected. Assam government with help of ISRO, became the first state in the country to release satellite based flood hazard atlas in 2011 and first state to update atlas in 2016.

Cause of Assam flood

  1. Assam lies in middle of Brahmaputra and Barak basins.
  2. Apart from heavy rainfall, Brahmaputra and its tributaries and Barak River swell up during monsoon on account of rains in upper reaches of various rivers lying area.
  3. There are some artificial causes too, in Assam, if you ever visited Guwahati you would see structure of building made is not scientific. In that impact case river water can’t flow easily out of side.
  4. A study shows that 80% of Guwahati roads have no drains that water can easily circulate.
  5. Natural soil erosion is also its main cause. Each year due to heavy natural land sliding Assam loses its hundred kilometer. E.g. Majuli
Assam flood cause and impact

Impact of Assam flood

  • In 2012 alone, Assam loses 500 crore rupees due to flood.
  • In 2016 nearly, 2 million people affected, 28 died.
  • Due to so much wealth and life losses, Assam is yet backward state.
  • Corruption in Assam is also a big impact, it is 5th most corrupt state of India.
  • In 2020, yet to date 107 people died 16.5 lakh people, 1536 villages, 21 districts are still affected.
  • 51 wild animals dead, 100 had been rescued.
  • 430 sq. km area of Kaziranga Park got submerged.

Impact of assam flood

The reason is not just limited to media, the local and state government along central government are equally responsible for the "Assam Flood : story of ignorance of Northeast India" .  All states are united and its dignity is still maintained, so rather than giving focuses more on Mumbai and Delhi, Govt. has to look also on those state now, because workforce that require comes from BIhar, West Bengal, Orrisa and North east India has its own distinct value. Now the boosting economy will success only when these areas grow properly. Please don`t be cheap to share it to your mates.