There are  many  space  agencies  and organisations  working till date  to  research  on  various  space  objectives  and phenomena occurring  in  space  and to  explore  space  related matters  that is happening at each  &  every  moment  across  the  entire  Univerese. Among all  such  agencies  NASA  &  ISRO are the two  top  most organisations  which  are  coming  under top 5  space  agencies  in the  world  for  contributing various  researches  and  their  great missions. Today we are going to compare these two via our blog on titled -NASA V/S ISRO: A COMPARISION.

Nasa vs isro

NASA    (National  Aeronautics and  Space  Adminstration)  is  the space  agency  of  United  states  of  America  which  was  started  on October 1, 1958,  as  a  part  of US government.  This  was established  by  Dwight D Eisenhower  and  headquarter  of  NASA is  at Washington  DC in the United  States.  As  an  organisation  of one of the  developed  and  richest  countries  in the  world, this  is the  most  popular  and  famous  space  agency  among  all.   

ISRO (Indian Space  Research Organisation)was  started  on  15 August 1969  which  is  the  space agency of the  Government  of India and the headquarter  is  at  Bengaluru  city.  This was founded  by  Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai  and the present  chairman of ISRO is  Dr  K  Sivan.  This is  one  of the leading  organisation  in the  world  of  a developed nation.   Considering some important features and  missions  to compare the  working  performance of  the two. 


The  Apollo  mission  was  one of the  biggest  success  of NASA which  is  a  milestone achievement  across  the  Globe  whereas India’s  first  moon mission  Chandrayaan 1  was  launched on  22 October  2008.  By  this  mission, India  became the  fourth  country to  place it’s  flag on the  surface of  moon. NASA also performs  interplanetary  missions  like  ‘Mariner 4’which  is  a  successful  Mars  mission  whereas  Mngalyaan (MOM) is one of  the  top  mission  which  was  launched on 5th November  2013.  By  this  mission, Isro  became  the  first  agency to  reach  Mars  in  it’s  first attempt. 

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Being a part of  developed  country, NASA uses  very  advance technology. For  different  technological  missions,  NASA uses different  latest  cryogenic  technologies. ISRO indigenously created technologies  but still  has  not developed  such  advanced technologies  like  NASA.   NASA is  a  master  in  some  system  technology  like  Satellite Navigation  system  and  Global positioning  system.  ISRO is  also recently  developing  a regional navigation  that is  IRNSS  (Indian Regional Navigation  Satellite  System). ISRO has  developed  all the  vehicles  from SLV to  the latest heavy  lifter  GSLV Mk III  whereas  the  vehicles  used by NASA have  very  advanced  and  heavy  lifting  capacity. 

Comparing GSLV  MK III to others


The  budget and costs that  are used by two agencies  are vary  a lot related to  the  development of  both  nations  which  very  much affects  the performance  ratio of the two. NASA  mainly  focuses on the  overall scientific  development, deployment of new technologies  whereas  ISRO focuses  on  the exploration for  the need  of national development.  However,  the function  of both  the agencies  are nearly  the  same  that is  to know various  space  related matters, phenomena and also to explore the  facts  of  Univerese. Organising  all these facts we  may  concluded  that  both  the agencies  have their  unique role on their  own  capability, self criteria  and  mission  backgrounds.  ISRO  and  NASA  both  have exteme  diversities  and  applications  that help  all  mankind around whole  world  to  rise  up to  greater extent. This was just a glimpse to tell you about NASA V/S ISRO: A  COMPARISION 

Dwight D. Eisenhower  - Left) Founder of NASA
Vikram Sarabhai ( Right) Founder of Isro