12 Faults Detected in New Blogger Interface 2020

New Blogger interface does not work properly!

26th of May, 2020, there was a lot that happens in the Google's blogging platform blogger.com backend, just a slight change was dedicated to the martial art of blogging.

Try New Blogger Interface

We’ll be moving everyone to the new interface over the coming months. Starting in late June, many Blogger creators will see the new interface become their default, though they can revert to the old interface by clicking “Revert to legacy Blogger” in the left-hand navigation. By late July, creators will no longer be able to revert to the legacy Blogger interface.

The Google ensures to improve the user's experience as the new blogger interface will evolve some mission for a better experience in the internet.

In the New Blogger interface, this latest update will bring Blogger to the new Mobile First era. It will make mobile blogging easier. For the people who are lacking of those blogging devices such as PC, laptop or desktop. Now they can easily blog through their mobile phones.

But wait there's a lot of points indicating faults on NEW BLOGGER interface. You might thinking what are those points. Here later on this page I have mentioned all that points for which the NEW Blogger interface is not working properly.

Here's those 12 faults detected in Blogger's New Interface :

1. IMPOSSIBLE to upload videos properly

In the very beginning of May, When I was uploading a video on my post. What I got after uploading that there was a big white space instead of having my video. Then I think I shoud upload video not from my computer but from YouTube but result won't come in my favour. Now the things has been changed you may find it useful.

This might be a small issue but critically important point when it comes to blogger new interface!

Here is one example How I would usually upload a video by Legacy Blogger via YouTube.

2. IMPOSSIBLE to upload images from my computer.

For many of Blogger like me, this one might be the big fault in New blogger interface. It says "I want to upload an image from my computer" when you click on the picture icon. And it triggers a large white box with a progressive spinning wheel over a document icon - and notice saying that it is unable to contact Google Docs.

I really didn't get it. I remembered I choosed to upload pictures from my computer but why it is saying unable to contact Google Docs. This issue has been countered on many blogger new interface dashboard.

3. Broken Image Problem in Blogger New Interface

This one can also be considered under major defect in new interface because of this only people are know shifting from Google to Bing search engines. In a forum where people are discussing their problems, one said I use google just for surfing information while Bing search engine for images.


For example: H2, H3, H4 for Headings, Sub-Headings and Minor Headings

I think you must know how html works for creating headings. You may find it difficult to find where they have placed the Headings menu. Some says there is no drop-down menu for instant implementation of Heading into the blog text.

5. FEEDBACK about the new interface is difficult - because it is not signalled clearly

Before in the Legacy blogger we had something which was clearly highlighted as Feedback - in the side menu in words showing "Help and Feedback"

But now, there is ? inside a circle having both Help system and the Feedback system. Initially the Google Blogger team was asking people to give them feedback about their new interface. Hope it will be optimised soon.

6. OBSESSIVE USE OF ICONS rather than words

For many people understanding icons is far more difficult. New Interface of Blogger comes mainly icons insted of having text. Google is obsessed with new culture of introduction icons insted of being very descriptive.

Icons are multi-cultural but only when it is well designed and well placed.

There are a lot of issue many bloggers are facing vastly those who are new to the new blogger.com interface.

7. Blurry Image Resolution Problem in Blogger New UI

Blurry Image Resolution Problem in Blogger new interface
Blurry Image Resolution Problem

As I noticed in this blog some week before changing my theme that my images becomes blurry after publishing. You may notice that the uploaded image has lower resolution or even blurry. Even when you open the image in a new tab, you will get the blurry version of that image. Usually if you do this, you will get the image in its Original size.

This time Blogger seems to have resolved the blurry image bug in the new interface of 2020.

8. COLOUR PROBLEMS - a very much reduced colour palette

Colour pellets of new blogger interface

Colours available in this new version is just a few very poor colours. Blogger has reduced the number of colours since it was launched.

Some people says Blogger have a defective COLOUR PALETTE which is a DOWNGRADE on what we have before.


Label Problem

You can never ever get clearly what labels your blog post has got already. Every time you will try it will driven you up the wall and finally resulted in the post that has not being labelled properly.

In blogger new interface, you have switch back to Legacy Blogger in order to make sure that your previous post was labelled correctly or not.


Post problem in Blogger new interface of 2020
New Post

We have to choose the cross button in the circle placed perfectly on the right corner of the post dashbord. Which is supposed to mean "New Post"!

Now starting creating new post is far form obvious. Earlier is was clearly mentioned that "New Post" and that was very helpful for me to start a new blog post. But now things changes and there is a tiny circle button with plus sign to create a new post on new blogger interface.


The overall look of the NEW BLOGGER INTERFACE has been change and now users have to travel more distance with their mouse in order to get their work done. Earlier everything was quiet easy and people feel easy to work on the new interface of blogger of 2020.

12. Features LOCATION Problems

Google teams have moved many features from one place to another.


New Post option to the right corner of the blog post dashbord with small circle having plus sign.

Search option window (to find content) with a small symbol on the top right corner of the screen.


I have mentioned all sort of things which I collected from various sources and some of them are detected by mine also. Therefore I think it would be great if I share all these 12 faults/problems found on New Blogger Interface launched in the year 2020. Google is working day and night to fix these all problems of blogger new interface. Hope you all have enjoyed it. If enjoyed then do share and thanks for reading.