The Story of Emojis

With so much use on daily Social media, emoji stories have gone so much wider than with over six billion sent every day, emoji have gone truly global in the last few years, actually, emoji word in Japanese characters for picture writing. They began life when their inventor noted a craze for sending heart icons among Japanese teenagers.  Before emoji, emoticons had let you express how you felt by using combinations of punctuation marks. Now though there are emoji for almost everything. There are ones with different sexual orientations skin tones and genders.

Story of Emoticons | Story beside Emoji
A Brief Story of Emojis.
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Now at the same time, Japan was developing emoticons of their own, but they took a different approach. Instead of writing emoticons sideways to the direction of the text, users in Japan popularized a kind of emoticon called KAOMOJI KAO, meaning face, and Moji, meaning character hat was written in the same orientation as the text. As the internet became widespread in the late 1990s, emoticons became increasingly popular and were commonly used in text messages, internet forums, and emails.

They became so popular that artist SHIGETAKA Kurita set out to create true visual symbols that could replace emoticon. Kurita worked on the development team for “i-mode” an early mobile internet platform from Japan`s main mobile carrier, DOCOMO. He wanted to design an attractive interface to convey information in a simple, clear way Kurita`s original 176 emoji- now part of a permanent collection at New York`s Museum of Modern Art.

When we talk a huge amount of meaning is conveyed through gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice and this can get lost in written language particularly as it becomes more colloquial. So what in the past might have been written as `your hazel eyes remind me of a forest on first days of autumn` might now be` you are well fit`. So, in these modern times being able to project feeling and emotion is especially important. And let`s be honest, even the harshest truth can be softened by an emoji.

Facts related to emoji

  •  Emoji is made from two Japanese letters Emoji, where E means pictures and Moji means character. 

  • World emoji day is celebrated on 17 July.

  • One person in France was sent to jail for sending emoji of the gun, after that apple used to display a water gun.

  • It was discovered by 1999 in Japan, Shigetaka Kurita.

  • 6 billion emoji are used daily.

  • Most used emoji in the world are tears with Joy; Heart eyed emoji and the kissing Heart emoji.

Facts associated with Emojis

Meanings associated with some popular  Heart emojis

Red heart - the expression of passion, and romance. Also for friendship with strong bonds.

Orange heart - represents a half-hearted love or you do not   want to have a relationship but friendship is strong.

Yellow Heart - Represents cordial love and purity of the heart. shows the friendship of happiness and joy.

Green heart - Jealous heart is d to show a healthy lifestyle and shows hope for reconciliation too in a relationship.

Blue Heart - Represents loyalty, royalty, and faithfulness.

Purple heart - Expression of understandings. expression of glamour and also parental love.

Black heart - Shows a twisted sense of humor. Used to show sorrow.

Broken Heart - expresses Sadness and unhappiness.


Meaning of Heart Emojis 
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Wrapping Up 

During changing technology, we should not forget our feelings, because of these things, emoji has developed. When we are talking to someone on social media, like texting someone on WhatsApp or messaging someone on Facebook, it becomes very difficult to express our feelings in this time. To solve this problem to some extent, emoticons, which are called emojis, were brought. Now people are also able to clarify their feelings, share their feelings - share their emotions with others. So all of these things have been told in this article and together it has been told that what are the mean of all the emojis related to the heart. I hope that by reading the fact related to emoji that you will like it and share it with your loved ones too.