Females Arising or Facing?


There is always a woman behind the success of every successful man.

Females Arising or Facing?

As we know a society plays a major role in our life. As society is helpful in financial security, assistance for education, unemployment, medical expenses, etc. But how these came to us? These can be only possible when there is a better society around us. There should be no discrimination.

Have you ever thought that a better society forms when better and positive thoughts will be pointed out but nowadays around us, there is a great lack of this?

The main lack is discrimination between males and females. We are lack better and positive thoughts. We don’t care for that better and positive thoughts with no discrimination among each other will provide support to each other and thus we can be prosperous.

We think that without male our society can never be developed but we are wrong. As we know without plants, human beings are nothing and without human beings, plants are nothing. On this planet, everyone is connected for its development as well as declination.

Similarly, in society, everyone is important and particular. So, let’s point for that which we think that without female we can still do anything or we did anything.

Freedom of Women
Women in working Place

Let’s take an example to understand it. A woman does both the jobs and the household chores but can we imagine how it is profitable to society. Let us point it out. If a female does a job then it is helpful for the economic condition, similarly, if she does household works then she is saving the money to be spent on the maid. Even with these features, they do not treat like one as they should be considered.

Without a woman, we can’t imagine our life. For the successful continuation of life on this planet, they are highly responsible.

If we exclude the household chorea, they also help in taking part in many activities such as finance, investment, etc. In comparison to men, they are much more responsible for the cleaning of society. They are also helpful in the loss of child labor and the need to make the changes to help children master new skills. Having a part in police forces, they help decrease the rate of crimes. If we will point from ancient studies before the discovery of cash crops, women help to provide profit from agriculture.

Let's imagine without Marie curie and we understand about pioneering research on radioactivity. Without Kalpana Chawla can we make our society prideful in the sight of the world.

No, we can’t.

We know about the dowry system, female foeticide, dowry deaths. Could these be stopped without the revolt of women or showing the disadvantage of it... No, it can’t happen? Can we know that these are evil works that are destroying our society? No, we can’t. Sometimes women do something extra or unbelievable works which man can’t.

In Bangladesh, women are looked at as child-bearers only, that’s why it is not developing. Even you have cared our you should care that if a country is developing then there is somewhere a woman has done something special and without her, it can happen.

Women working in Field

In the early days, women worked side by side with men, on the battlefield, they nursed the injured and save life. It is also somewhere said that there is always a woman behind the success of every successful man. Let's take the example of Laxmi bai. Without her, can we and our society be learned a lesson that even in hard and impossible hopes, there is hope? If we want to be successful then we have to face the struggle.

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Without our society could our society wake from that hope that our country could not get independence? Without JK Rowling can we imagine that women can also write those unbelievable novels which man cannot and can give impressive thoughts to society. When the economy and political organization of a society change, families who can adjust to the new conditions will fare the best. In such cases, women play an important role in facilitating or hindering changes in family life.

Wrap up

After reading these we find that no one on this planet is useless or a single one is useful. We find that if society or any other things are developing then both the male and female have a specific role. We cannot say that the role of that thing isn't in our society. In other word, if the society is declining then both contribute some role. If we have to develop our society then we must mention that a single one cannot do it. Hence, now we can understand that what we see, Females Arising or Facing? or facing issues in our society. So you give your opinions also.