June 13, 2024

15 Interesting Facts About Bangladesh

Do you like to get more knowledge on Bangladesh? Here are fifteen interesting facts about Bangladesh, most of which you were probably unaware of before reading this article!

On the eve of the Indian Premier League and Bangladesh Premier League seasons, let’s learn more about Bangladesh, which is not as well-known as a tourism destination as its neighbor, India. Despite the fact that they like the game of cricket and wagering on it just as much as Indians do.

Most Bangladeshis Do Farm

Over 70 percent of the population is believed to be employed in agriculture. Despite the fact that the textile industry brings in more money, a vast number of families in Bangladesh are dependent on agriculture, making it the country’s most significant employment sector.

World’s Third-Longest Beach

Cox Bazar Beach is the third-longest beach in the world and one of the country’s most popular tourist sites. Only Australia’s Ninety Mile beach and Brazil’s Beach do Cassino are longer than Cox Bazar.

Cricket is National Sport

When it comes to sports, cricket dominates the scene. Absolutely everyone in the country is watching, betting on Crickex, or playing cricket.

When the national side won the ICC Trophy in 1997 and qualified for the Cricket World Cup for the first time in 1999, interest in the sport skyrocketed. Since joining the International Cricket Council as a full member country in 2000, Bangladesh has been eligible to compete in Test matches.

Textiles and Clothing Dominate Exports

Maybe some of the garments you own were made in Bangladesh. The textile and garment sector is the main source of foreign currency for the nation, accounting for almost 96% of total export earnings.Β 

Because of the competitively cheap salaries and manufacturing costs, several major fashion labels choose to locate their operations here.Β 

Important names in the industry have been known to exploit employees in Bangladesh, sometimes even resorting to the use of child labor. Hopefully, things will get better, and major fashion companies will do the right thing and increase pay so that employees may live comfortably.

Bangladesh Was Founded in 1971

Bangladesh was formed from a territory formerly governed by Turkic, Hindu, and Mughal kingdoms. Even the Brits had their hands on it for a while.Β 

Even though it was physically separated from West Pakistan by almost a thousand and sixty kilometers (km), this area was nonetheless dubbed β€œEast Pakistan” in 1947. (994 miles). Undoubtedly top-tier intriguing information about Bangladesh!Β 

The brutal Bangladesh War of Independence was won in 1971. Nonetheless, widespread starvation, natural calamities, and poverty plagued the nation after the conflict ended.Β 

With the return of democratic rule in 1991, the country’s population and economy have expanded rapidly, with little change in either.

National Dish Hilsha Fish Curry

If you ever find yourself in Bangladesh, you absolutely must order a plate of the country’s signature dish, Hilsha Fish Curry. Hilsha is a kind of fish that is closely related to the herring, and it is consumed very often in this region.

90% of Bangladesh are Muslims

Bangladesh is the fourth biggest Muslim nation in the world. Only Pakistan, India, and Indonesia are home to a larger Muslim population.

Many Competent Freelancers

There has been a significant uptick in the number of qualified Bangladeshi freelancers, particularly in the information technology sector. With their inexpensive rates and high levels of knowledge, web developers and programmers are gaining more and more attention.Β 

As more and more individuals in Bangladesh learn English, they will be better able to market their services to nations in the developed world, where the cost of similarly skilled workers is much higher.

Corruption-Ridden Country

The terrible truth about Bangladesh is that it consistently ranks among the world’s most corrupt nations. It was rated the 143rd least corrupt nation in the world in 2017. The public sector and government, however, have a particularly bad reputation for corruption.

World’s largest Mangrove Forest

Due to their significance, the Sundarbans have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a total size of 139,500 hectares (539 sq mi) and serves as a habitat for a wide variety of animal and plant species.

Many Dwell Below Poverty

Almost 30 percent of the population, or more than 50 million people, live below the poverty line here even though several major fashion houses operate factories in the country.Β 

Whilst there remains a wide disparity in income, many people’s prospects have improved in light of advances in medical science and educational opportunities during the last several years. When there are too many people in an area, it leads to an increase in both poverty and corrupt government.

Bangladesh has 700+ Rivers

Bangladesh’s Ganges, Meghna, and Brahmaputra are Asia’s three biggest rivers. This creates a lush, wildlife-rich environment. Boating is one of the greatest and simplest methods to see the nation.Β 

An overnight boat ride on β€œThe Rocket,” a paddleboard ferry that has traveled between Dhaka and Khulna for over a century, is a Bangladeshi classic.Β 

Because pollution grew uncontrollable, the Bangladeshi Supreme Court granted all rivers legal rights to life in 2019. The National River Conservation Commission may sue river polluters. They’ll be tried like they hurt a person.

One of the Nations Most Affected by Global Warming

Within weeks after the 2020 monsoon, 25% of Bangladesh was flooded. Almost 1.3 million houses were destroyed, stranding hundreds of thousands. Bangladesh’s many rivers cause floods. Flooding will worsen as climate change becomes inevitable.

Much of Bangladesh is less than a meter above sea level and around 80% is a floodplain. The government calls it β€œplanetary energy” and is testing innovative ways to reduce risks.

Fearsome National Animal

Bangladesh’s national animal is the Royal Bengal Tiger (Indian Tiger). Eastern Asian tigers symbolize nobility, courage, and fury. The East Bengal Regiment’s logo is a tiger. Bengal tigers appear in the Bangladesh Cricket Board emblem.Β 

Bangladesh has 300–500 tigers. Poaching, increasing sea levels, and climate change are major threats. The latest study suggests Sundarbans Royal Bengal Tigers may be extinct in 50 years.


Probably you have the desire to go around this stunning country. If you haven’t made up your mind about going yet, one thing you should do is watch some cricket matches from the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and place some bets.Β 

The energy and excitement that Bangladeshi cricket brings to the field are sure to pleasantly surprise you.

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