May 30, 2024

9 Best Career Options after Online MCA

Nowadays career aspirants find it difficult to choose a suitable career option which gives them the desirable growth and job satisfaction. Deciding to choose a career which can be pursued for the long term is highly important. Therefore many learners decide to take education in computer applications to build a rewarding career and an online Master in Computer Applications (MCA) is a popular choice among them. The IT industry is the top sector that provides lucrative jobs and gives maximum career growth to employees.Β 

The IT industry has been rapidly expanding globally and it has been the foremost choice amongst job seekers for best career opportunities. An from a reputed and accredited university or institution is the most sought after online degree program for learners to advance their career in the field of Information Technology. In this blog let’s read about the best career options after online MCA that learners should go for to prosper in the field of IT.

  1. Software Engineer/ Software Application Developer

Highly efficient software is needed to run business processes. For the same purpose specific software applications are developed as per the nature of a business. Such software and applications are made by the Software or Application Developers. They also install, test, and maintain the software and application formed for a client or business. During the maintenance of the software or application, an engineer updates and fixes bugs so that the software functions smoothly. An online MCA gives an appropriate foundation to learners by training them with programming languages that helps them to choose the career of a Software Engineer or Software Application Developer.

  1. Database Engineer

For a career as a Database Engineer an online MCA degree program is a right choice because it gives the knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) to learners which is necessary for Database Engineer professionals. The job role of a Database Engineer in an organisation involves creating and maintaining databases and fixing bugs. Organisations store huge amounts of data and therefore require Database Engineers. They meet the organisation’s requirement as they have the problem solving ability and skills which are taught to them in their online MCA degree program.

  1. Cloud Architect

A career as a Cloud Architect is a lucrative option for learners as cloud computing has gained momentum over the years. Cloud computing gives the provision to store the data in real time and Cloud Architects are responsible for developing, maintaining, and supervising the cloud servers that store the data. Cloud computing is a profession demanding hard-work and dedication. The curriculum of an online MCA program trains learners with the concepts of cloud computing, therefore gives them a good foundation for pursuing a career as a Cloud Architect.

  1. Web Designer and Developer

With the knowledge gained during an online MCA program of topics such as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Adobe Softwares, and Flash, learners learn to design, develop and maintain the websites. This skill of learners comes very much in use to develop the frontend and backend of the website and make it visually appealing. A career as a Web Developer and Designer is sure to grow, as businesses are expanding and emerging at large, and they demand their website to be created with special features and appeal. Therefore choosing a career as a Web Developer is a prudent and fruitful decision after completing an online MCA degree.Β Β Β Β 

  1. Network Engineer

Businesses and organisations have more than one computer and they are connected to each other through a network. Network Engineers are responsible for keeping the computers connected to a network within an organisation and they ensure that remote meetings, videoconferences, and other related activities go smoothly. Online MCA degree holders are suitable for the job role of Network Engineers as they are imparted with the knowledge to establish, troubleshoot, and maintain computer networks that are extremely important for any organisation. The career of Network Engineers is sure to grow with the advancing of technology and emerging of new businesses.

  1. Technical Writer

Technical Writers are highly in demand by IT companies all across the globe. They have a great scope of progress and growth in their profession. An online MCA is a great choice for learners who wish to develop their career as Technical Writers. An online MCA gives learners the required knowledge of computer languages used to develop software applications and design websites for business, therefore when learners know about the technicality of how websites and applications are made they can very well describe it in their write-ups. So a career as a Technical Writer is a suitable choice for learners after online MCA.Β 

  1. Manual Tester

The job role of a Manual Tester includes physically testing the software. They ensure that the software or the application developed functions properly and if there are defects then they get them resolved. Manual Testers are responsible for the smooth functioning and optimum performance of software and applications. They are critical to any business because they report any technical trouble found in software or application which is an essential project of a business. Learners who aspire to become Software Testers get a decent growth in their career as businesses are developing software and applications regularly and Manual Testers are required to keep a check on the functioning of software.Β 


Troubleshooters ensure that the hardware and software run efficiently within an organisation. They are the ones who fix the hardware requirements of employees and provide necessary software to them so that the business in an organisation runs effectively and efficiently. The work of a Troubleshooter is versatile in an organisation and learners can learn and grow well in this career option after completing their online MCA degree.

  1. Quality Assurance Analyst

The role of Quality Assurance Analyst is to ensure that the software developed is of a high quality. Quality Assurance Analysts keep a check throughout the development cycle of a software. Quality Assurance Analysts give the solutions to the teams regarding the improvisation in a software as they logically evaluate it and ensure that there are no problems faced in functioning of the software in future. The online MCA graduate is a right fit for a career as a Quality Assurance Analyst because they have the required knowledge of the languages and processes involved in developing a software.


An online MCA degree from recognised and accredited universities open gateways for many job profiles which are highly rewarding and promise a high growth in career. Amongst many, some of the most popular job opportunities are as Software Developer, Cloud Architect, Web Developer and Designer, and Technical Writer.

The growth opportunities are high in profiles associated after completing online MCA because there is a rapid development of the IT field in nations such as India, South Korea, and USA. The technology is advancing at a tremendous pace and the future holds a sea of opportunities for those with education and skills in the field of computers and IT, therefore pursuing an online MCA is a smart choice for learners globally.

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