May 20, 2024

Asian Online Sports Betting Breaks Record in 2022. What to Expect in 2023?

The rapid expansion of the Asian online betting market is a major contributor to the region’s overall economic success. Forty million people in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand joined the internet for the first time in 2022, and they aren’t going anywhere.Β 

With this, the region’s overall number of Internet users has surpassed 400 million and is still growing. Since then, the popularity of sports betting on bookmakers like Indi24bet in Asia has skyrocketed.Β 

This is not surprising, considering that, for many nations, sports are a source of pride and a cheap pastime that may help ensure a prosperous future.

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In this piece, we explore the potential effects of the 2022 sports betting boom on the Asian sports betting industry by trying to predict how far the 2022 sports betting boom may continue into the following year.

Β How the Rapid Growth of Betting Started

Several markets worldwide have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, but none more so than the ones in the area. This followed the implementation of curfews and bans on some forms of public expression, recreational activities, and access to private casinos and kiosks for sports betting.

Because of this, the iGaming industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Millions of people throughout the world now regularly use online bookmakers and popular live casinos for entertainment and even networking purposes.Β 

This unusual circumstance, along with the widespread availability of smartphones and the Internet, has led to a kind of perfect storm. This event, which lasted for close to two years, completely altered the landscape of the iGaming industry and sped up its development by several years.

Asian Betting Market Overview

Asia, home to 60% of the world’s population, is naturally the greatest gaming market. But despite this, sports betting is generally forbidden in this area.

Macau is Asia’s most popular gambling destination, but the industry there is highly controlled, and only one company, Macau Slot, is granted the sole right to provide betting services on football and basketball, both online and over the phone.

Gambling is restricted in Singapore and South Korea for similar reasons, with nearly no exceptions made by the state.

One of the most liberal and well-attended Asian markets for sports betting is the Philippines. Online bookmakers from outside of the US are the only ones allowed to legally operate in the industry. As there is nothing in the way of local competition, many businesses see this as an opportunity.

Tourists may gamble and wager on sports in Myanmar. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, legalization was discussed at the highest levels, so limitations may loosen.

Only Goa, Daman, and Sikkim will legalize online gambling by 2022. Sikkim permits Indians from all around to play an online lottery. Internet gambling in Sikkim was expected to spur other states to adopt it, establishing a nationwide Matka gaming industry. Online sports betting is legal if the site is outside India and uses the rupee as currency.

What to Expect from Betting in Asia in 2023

The key developments in the Asian betting industry in 2023, as predicted by the e-Conomy business intelligence section, will be:

  1. Changing payments. Experts expect bitcoin payments to decline after the FTX international exchange collapsed in November 2022. E-wallets are already commonplace, and cryptocurrencies are spreading worldwide in the most up-to-date bookmakers.Β 

Cryptocurrency users like its privacy and are unlikely to revert to cash. So, cryptocurrencies will likely survive, while Bitcoin may be replaced.

  1. Mobile format for digital natives. Gamers want everything they need for online gaming and betting on their phones. India 24bet’s analytics department reports that up to 30% of new client inquiries come to the mobile casino platform.
  2. The waning allure of brick-and-mortar bookies. The list of advantages provides a solid idea of why so many businesses choose to launch an online bookmaker at this time. Online gambling sites may reach customers anywhere in the globe, provide complete anonymity to players, and prioritize presenting their most popular offerings in digital format.
  3. The popularity of in-stream wagering continues to rise. Experts in the field agree that this movement will go far. A solution like this might boost interest in broadcast games and give players greater faith in esports.

The Asian eGaming sector has been fascinating for years and will continue to be. Operators must innovate and adopt new trends to stand out in the market.


The introduction of digital technology into the sports betting market creates new possibilities for the expansion and development of the market. It is up to the rest of the globe to catch up with the trends of Asian nations in 2023.Β 

The rapid growth of events in Asia today demonstrates that the future of the gaming business will undoubtedly be high-tech and remarkable.

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