May 28, 2024

Carrom vs. Crokinole – A Detailed Look at Both the Popular Games

Tabletop games have been very popular among the masses for a long time. For starters, it provides individuals a fun way to stay away from their electronic device’s screen. It offers individuals an escape from the monotony of scrolling through timelines and feeds. Secondly, indulging in tabletop games is a great way to bond with friends or family. Thirdly, almost all tabletop games played worldwide do not have complicated rules or regulations. Thus, people of all ages can play the game and have a fun experience.Β 

Two of the most popular tabletop games include carrom and crokinole. Even though most people have heard about or played carrom, comparatively fewer individuals know what crokinole is and how it is played. This article will shed light on carrom and crokinole and compare the games in different aspects. Let us get started:

What is Carrom?

Carrom, as per Wikipedia, is a tabletop game that originated in India. Considered to be the most popular tabletop game in Asia, it is played by millions of people all around the globe. Carrom is played on a square-shaped board with small round discs. Players flick the discs using a more extensive and heavier disc called β€œstriker.” Using the striker, players need to hit the smaller discs and pot them by sending them into the board’s pockets, which are on all corners. A red-colored disc known as the queen is among the smaller discs that need to be potted by players. After a player has potted the queen, they must β€˜cover’ it by potting another disc immediately afterward. Whoever pots their discs first, along with the queen, wins the match. The game demands exceptional flicking skills and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it also requires reasoning and techniques, which allows players to improve critical life-based skills.Β 

The game is not only restricted to the orthodox offline version. There are numerous online apps available that enthusiasts of carrom can indulge in matches virtually. For instance, all an enthusiast needs to do is download carrom game online on their smartphone and start playing against friends, family members, or skilled opponents from different parts of the globe. Online carrom facilitates players to indulge in fun carrom matches virtually from anywhere. All enthusiasts who wish to indulge in carrom games need a smartphone and a stable Internet connection.

What is Crokinole?

Crokinole is another popular tabletop game where players must flick discs on a circular wooden board towards a centrally-placed hole. Every time players pot a disc in the central hole, they are awarded 20 points. At the end of the game, if any discs are left on the board, their effectiveness will depend on how closely they are placed to the center. One prominent rule that sets the game apart from its sibling is that every disc must make physical contact with an opponent’s discs before settling on the board. Hence, the main objective of a crokinole player is not only to post their discs but also to remove the opponent’s discs.Β 

Crokinole is played extensively worldwide because it provides players with an engaging and absorbing experience. Since the prime objective of players in the game is to disrupt the position of their opponent’s disc while angling on their own, the game feels very competitive and exciting. The excitement of earning twenty points and trying to avoid guttering the discs makes the game a rollercoaster ride. Thus, players who wish to indulge in an exciting and strategic tabletop game love playing crokinole.

Comparing Carrom and Crokinole:Β 

Even though both carrom and crokinole are board games with numerous similarities, there are considerable differences. Here is a comparative look at both the games in terms of multiple aspects:


Even though both the games require skill and precision, crokinole has the upper hand when it comes to skill. In a carrom game, players need to simply pot the discs of the same color and cover after potting the queen. However, when it comes to a crokinole game, players need to pot their discs strategically and spoil their opponent’s chances of potting their discs by altering the position of discs simultaneously.


When it comes to technique, carrom is a more demanding game. Players must hit different shots in carrom, including forward flicks, thumbshots, etc. On the other hand, playing crokinole does not involve many techniques.


The orthodox yet classic offline version of carrom requires players to use a large-sized board, a set of discs, and a hefty striker. Hence, it can be pretty challenging to spontaneously set up a carrom board game, especially if the player is traveling. On the other hand, a classic game of crokinole requires a smaller board, and thus, setting up an offline crokinole game is comparatively more accessible and more portable.Β 


Numerous outlets are using which enthusiasts can access and indulge in virtual games of carrom and crokinole. Thanks to the popularity of the offline version of the games, there are multiple online platforms and apps readily available, using which individuals can access and play virtual carrom and crokinole matches.Β 

Both carrom and crokinole are played by millions of people around the globe, primarily because they are very exciting games that do not have complicated roles. Any tabletop game enthusiast who wishes to know the difference between the two similar-looking tabletop games should refer to the points mentioned above.

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