May 21, 2024

Different Types of Free Spins Bonuses available online

Free spins are one of the most commonly used bonuses, especially with casinos that offer slots as their main game. This is a bonus that provides a player with a feeling they are playing at the expense of the house and gives them a chance to try the game out risk-free.Β 

There are different types of free spins out there and it’s important for a player to be aware of the differences between them especially when it comes to the wagering requirements attached.


What Are Free Spins?

Casinos use bonuses such as free spins to attract new players and keep the old ones loyal. The bonus is what it sounds like. You get a free spin to play and you get to keep the winnings that you’ve made with it. However, this doesn’t mean you can withdraw it right away.

That’s because the free spins will be tied to wagering requirements. This means that you need to wager a certain amount of your own money before you’re able to withdraw what you’ve won. In many cases, you’ll need to wager much more than the bonus itself.

Free Spin No Deposit

This is the most generous free spin out there and therefore the rarest one as well. Most casinos will require you to deposit some funds before you’re able to use the free spins. The no deposit free spins don’t have this requirement and you can use them right away.Β 

Casinos that offer these aren’t that common and some casinos only offer them to VIP players or for a limited amount of time as a promotional offer. This often happens when a casino is new and it wants to attract new players and make a name for itself.Β 

No Wager Free Spins

This bonus is new and not many casinos offer it at this point. However, it’s popular with the players and therefore it’s safe to assume that it will be used more in the years to come. This bonus doesn’t attach any wagering requirements and the player can use it and withdraw the funds without adding any funds of their own.Β 

In most cases, casinos do require the player to wager their own funds, and more often than not these requirements are high, sometimes so much that it doesn’t pay out to use the bonus.

Deposit Bonus and A Free Spin

This is a mix of two different bonuses that you get to use at once. Many casinos bundle deposits and free spins together since they allow the players to test the games in different ways but always with no risks to their own.Β 

The casino will provide you with a deposit or it will double the deposit you, yourself will make. They will also allow you to have a few free spins that you can use to try games such as slots. There are usually wagering requirements attached to both, that you need to be aware of.Β 

How Long the Bonus is Valid?

One important way to divide different bonus types is based on how long the bonus will be valid. In most cases, bonuses won’t be valid for an unlimited amount of time and the player will have a window in which to claim and use them.Β 

This policy is set to keep the players coming back to the game and playing as often as possible. The casino will clearly state when the bonus becomes invalid and you should be careful and check the policy so that you’re sure.Β 

Which Slots Allowed for Them?

Not all free spins can be used on all slots. In some cases, the casinos limit which slots you can use since they want them used only on slots that have a certain jackpot size. In other cases, casinos want to promote certain slots and that’s why they have bonuses specific to them.Β 

The fine print that you get when you accept a bonus will state where and how the bonus can be used and that’s why it’s important that you read it with care and don’t accept an offer until you’re clear about what it entails.Β 

The Bet Size

Another important feature that determines how a free spin can be used is the size of the bet that you can make with them.Β  This is specified within the fine print that you should read before you accept and use the bonus. In most cases, the casinos won’t allow you to make the largest possible bet using a free spin.Β 

There are usually different tiers in which you’ll play slots and the tier in which you play will determine the size of the bet that you can make and therefore which bonus applies to you.Β 

Wagering Requirements

In the end, free spins bonuses differ in terms of what kind of wagering requirements are attached to them. These requirements are put in place so that a player can’t simply use the bonus and stop using the casino afterward. That way your own money is on the line when using a free spin.

Free spin has an attached value to it, set by the casino. The wagering requirement is therefore based on that value because you’ll need to bet more than the amount that’s assigned to the free spin. In some cases, this may be dozens of times more and therefore the free spin isn’t free at all.

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