May 29, 2024


Discover the ie code status, a crucial tool for international traders. Whether you’re a business or an individual, the IEC simplifies the process of obtaining import and export licenses, ensuring compliance with regulations. This gateway to global opportunities empowers enterprises and entrepreneurs to thrive in the international market. Here, we’ll explore how & from where you can get your IEC.

Β What do you need to apply for your ie code status?

  • Β Your company must be registeredΒ 

Β To obtain an Importer-Exporter Code, you must be a registered company in India. This prerequisite ensures legal recognition and facilitates various business activities, making it a crucial step before applying for the IEC through DGFT. If registered, the approval process may take 6-8 weeks, so apply promptly to ensure timely import-export activities. Ensure a smooth Import-Export Code registration by preparing all required documents in advance, including the application form, company registration certificate, proof of ownership for exports, and proof of purchase for imports. Verify document accuracy, stay organized, and exercise patience during the process. Seek professional guidance to navigate complexities and ensure compliance with regulations, streamlining your IEC registration for seamless import and export operations.

  • Minimum 2 years of functioning of your companyΒ 

Β To qualify for an ie code status, your company must have a minimum of two years of business operation. Meeting this requirement is essential before applying for the IEC, ensuring your business’s stability and experience in international trade endeavors.

  • IE licenseΒ 

Β To get this IEC code, you need a valid import or export license from the Indian Government. This ensures compliance with trade regulations before applying for the IEC.

  • Top class certificationΒ 

Β Your company must possess a valid ISO 9001:2000 certification to be eligible. This certification shows your business’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and compliance with international QMS.

  • Valid addressesΒ 

Β For goods delivery or storage in India, addresses are specific to individual trade entities like exporters, importers, or third-party organizations. Obtain this information directly from the relevant parties, as it’s not publicly available. Always exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of entities in trade activities.

Β How to know the drawback status of your ie code application?

  • Β To verify the IEC application drawback status, visit the ICEGATE portal, go to the Service tab, and select the appropriate user type.
  • On the ICEGATE homepage, find the available services list on the left side. Choose the Drawback Enquiry option from the list to inquire about your IEC application drawback status. Stay informed to manage your import-export activities efficiently and make informed decisions for your business.
  • To verify the IEC application drawback status, complete the application form with your PAN number, IEC code, location, and desired date range. This ensures an efficient process and provides relevant information for your import-export activities.
  • After submitting the required details, you can check the IEC application status by navigating to β€œView Drawback Status.” Here, you can choose between β€œDrawback Sanctioned” and β€œDrawback Pending” to proceed. Select the appropriate option to access the relevant information about your IEC application status and ascertain whether the drawback has been sanctioned or is still pending. This step lets you stay informed and effectively manage your import-export activities accordingly.
  • β€œPending” status indicates a pending drawback against the shipping bill, while β€œSanctioned” status confirms the approved drawback amount. Stay informed to manage import-export activities effectively.

Β For checking at the DGFT office, what to do?

  • Β To check the IEC application status at the DGFT office, visit the ICEGATE portal, click the Services tab, and select the appropriate user type.
  • By selecting β€œCheck IEC/BIN status” from the available services list, you can access the necessary resources to track the status of your IEC or GSTIN registration.
  • To verify whether your code has reached the DGFT headquarters, click on the β€œIEC” option from the first section of the provided form. This step will enable you to check the status of your Importer-Exporter Code and confirm whether it has been successfully registered with the DGFT headquarters. By selecting this option, you can ensure that your IEC application has been processed and is in progress or completed as required.
  • After clicking on the β€œIEC” option, the system will redirect you to the DGFT website. From there, you can raise a query to verify the status of your IEC code. This query will enable you to check whether your Importer-Exporter Code application has been successfully processed and registered with the DGFT.
  • Contact either the ICEGATE or the DGFT Helpdesk Team for support and resolution. They can help address any queries, provide guidance, and resolve issues related to your IEC application or verification. By utilizing these support channels, you ensure that they promptly address any concerns or discrepancies, facilitating a smooth import-export experience and ensuring compliance with trade regulations.

Β What are the fees of getting an ie code status?

Β The fee for a fresh ie code status application in India is Rs. 1000/-. You can make the payment through a Demand Draft/Pay Order. Please note that the fee amount may vary over time, so you should check with the issuing authority for the exact current amount. Visit the DGFT website or contact your regional DGFT office for updated information.

Β What are the fees for modifications of the ie code status?

No fee for modifications in the Importer Exporter Code is applicable if you inform them about the changes within 90 days. However, after 90 days, a fee of Rs. 1000/- is charged for the modification. To avoid the fee, it’s important to inform the relevant authorities about any changes to your IEC within the specified time frame.

Β Summary – The ie code statusΒ  is crucial for international traders, simplifying import-export licenses. With an IEC, Indian businesses can leverage Amazon Global Selling to reach a vast international customer base, fostering success in international trade. This platform provides valuable insights, logistics support, and customer reach, enabling entrepreneurs to navigate global markets with ease and confidence.

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