June 7, 2024

Five Must-Have Quirky Jewellery Pieces for Girls

Are you preparing for your first day in college? Do you have an orientation in the college? Getting admission to a good college is something that all students desire and work hard for it. After you have toiled hard and gotten into the college of your dreams it is now time to start a new phase of your life. A lot of things happen during the transition from school life to college life, especially for girls. Now, is that phase where your dresses and footwear alone are not enough to define you. You need something extra to turn on your style game.

Teenage and college days are the best time of your life when you need to pull out some attention and be noticeable. This is the perfect time to select suitable accessories such as a little bling of jewellery. It is also a time to start making a personal collection of pieces of jewellery and flaunt your style to the whole world.

Kinds of Jewellery Pieces That Are Essential for Every Girl

Chains – Whether you are up for celebrating your results or want to attend a fresher party a chain with a pendant is the right choice to adorn yourself with. There ismesmerizing chains for girls which you can fashion on special occasions which will keep you dazzling throughout the event. You can pair the chain with a gemstone pendant to spread your charm and look elegant.

You can even try out a simple necklace set with matching pair of earrings which is a perfect accessory for informal events. Sparkle like nobody else with these precious pieces of jewellery and set a trend for others.

Rings – Irrespective of the outfits that you choose to wear and the occasions that you plan to go, a gold cocktail ring is a must-included accessory to style. These rings are never out of fashion, rather these pieces are the best alternatives to expensive diamond rings. Β As these rings are loud, eye-catchy and dramatic, they are apt to be used as statement accessories. You can style them effortlessly and appear fashionable.

Bracelets – Bracelets are charming pieces of jewellery meant to add a little fun to your styling sense. These pieces add confidence to your entire outlook and elevate your impression. These are styled on the hands making you more expressive when you make certain gestures with your hands. You can pick up the colourful bracelet to attain a more feminine look. It blends well with any outfit either casual or party wear.

Earrings – No matter what piece of jewellery you adorn yourself with, if you miss the earrings, you are missing the whole appearance. For young women, earrings alone are sufficient to make you look elegant. The perfect earrings with the matching outfit are something that will make you appear sensational. You can try trendy and bold earrings such as danglers. You can style them on whether you are spending a casual day with friends or are up for a party. This will surely grab some attention while starting a conversation.

Floral Pendants – Flowery designs always signify freshness and point to the blooming nature around us. This is the ideal choice for a girl who has just stepped into the fashion world and is ready to bloom. Floral patterns and designs are always eye-catchy and trendy and so make a perfect companion for young and budding women. Go ahead with the pendant set that includes a matching pair of earrings as well which will make your look complete and let you sparkle.

Check out these quirky pieces of jewellery that will boost confidence along with elevating your beauty as you start a new phase of your life with some fashion.

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