July 12, 2024

How Does ServiceNow Custom Application Development Transform Legacy Systems?

How Does ServiceNow Custom Application Development Transform Legacy Systems?

A service-first approach has become a mandatory pre-requisite for IT service delivery-oriented businesses where customer experience (CX) is a critical competitive advantage. What if legacy systems limit the reach of fulfilling the service? Modernize themselves?Β Yes, modernize with the power of the next-generation ITSM tool: ServiceNow! Β 

Upgrading Age-old Legacy Systems with ServiceNow

In addition to implementing a comprehensive ITSM approach, most enterprises are shifting their business priorities to upgrading their legacy systems. Rather than replacing them, organizations are looking at transforming them to modernize in digitalization. One can redesign tools and technologies to meet future needs by upgrading legacy systems.

Most legacy systems fall behind in rating due to one or more of the following factors:

  • Lack of access to new functionality and interoperability with modern software. This limits the ability to improve and optimize critical business processes.
  • Slow legacy systems impact SLAs and delay expected responses to incidents, issues, and tickets.
  • Without automation and self-service, legacy systems increase the pressure on IT teams.
  • Legacy software is at risk due to security issues due to support bottlenecks.
  • The cost to maintain and support traditional ITSM suites increases while the tradeoff decreases.

Modernizing Legacy System

Modernization, simply put, enables an organization to integrate modern platforms and technologies and overcome backwardness.

When To Modernize?Β 

Legacy systems can hinder efficient operations, mainly if data sets and other information is not used to the extent modern cloud systems allow. Often, legacy systems cannot be integrated with new platforms, and their data remains isolated and incompatible with other data processing systems.

Why Modernize?

Legacy modernization is the continuous process of transforming legacy systems. It is for the following:

  • to reduce complexity and cost in the IT environment
  • increase data consistency
  • enable collaboration across platforms
  • improve process flexibility

The platform provides clear visibility into complex business systems spanning multiple locations.

How To Modernize?

Businesses go with the ServiceNow platform to realize the modernization trend in the age of the digital world. ServiceNow’s applications are built on this single platform, including custom applications built by ServiceNow customers and partners. They are pre-installed and connected.

ServiceNow comes with a core set of applications such as incident, change, problem, and knowledge management, yet it can be customized to meet the business process needs of an enterprise.

All these applications leverage a single user interface, one code base, and one data model to create a single system of record for IT. The power of ServiceNow benefits organizations in one or more ways by customizing application development.

Custom Application Development with App Engine Studio

ServiceNow as a tool is easy to use, and the custom development requires a relatively small configuration to get up and running in an enterprise. Another big help is its open architecture, just plug-and-play. This tool provides an intelligent platform allowing work on rules and quickly creating forms.

ServiceNow Platform provides App Engine Studio as a development environment. App Engine Studio is a low-code visual development platform that makes it possible to create, manage, and delegate responsibility for custom applications, with skill levels ranging from low to pro-code. This unique environment allows citizen developers to build business-critical workflow apps in a complete low-code experience.Β 

ServiceNow App Engine is characterized by creating efficient and scalable cloud-based applications that require minimal code and pro-code development effort. Custom development can create desired applications. These applications are made using the best reusable components and pre-built services the ServiceNow Platform provides.

According to the vital needs of organizations, most consulting agencies help in building apps that help automate work and organize business processes. Besides design aspects, the ServiceNow custom application development also serves clients in implementing and integrating legacy applications from third-party apps and data sources. Integration also benefits CRM and ERP system compliance.

Streamlining Business Operations with ServiceNow Implementation

It is a fact that transitional legacy systems bring dynamism to enabling services. Organizations can have more control over managed services with custom-developed applications.

ServiceNow can change business perception in the connected world with its cloud-based workflow and automation power. Stakeholders can realize that the day-to-day business operations are streamlined, and service delivery cycles aligned.

Getting assistance in implementation from ServiceNow consulting services is an agreed norm in the industry. They also help in every aspect of consulting services associated with the ServiceNow platform, including workflow in automation. Experts design custom ServiceNow applications that are both future-proof and fit for purpose. For example, walking through a custom application to check that it supports the entire process in each use case.

The Conclusion

ServiceNow software for business processes can precisely set up customized results with little change in implementation. The best part of the ServiceNow platform is that it combines fragmented tools and legacy systems and automates work processes on a single cloud platform with custom app development.Β 


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