May 21, 2024

How to Download UPSC Syllabus in Hindi?

The concerned officials of UPSC publish the syllabus in English as well as Hindi. UPSC syllabus in Hindi is helpful for the Hindi medium candidates. Candidates can download the syllabus from the official website of the UPSC. They can take the printout of it to keep a check on their preparation level. The syllabus comprises the subjects and the related topics which are important from the examination point of view. Candidates should examine the entire syllabus prior to starting their preparation.

The syllabus is prescribed by the concerned authorities considering the level of the examination. A proper understanding of the syllabus enables a candidate to prepare a nice study plan. A good preparation strategy can help the candidates in completing their studies on time. Without proper knowledge of the syllabus, it is quite difficult to hit the bull’s eye. It will be like shooting arrows in the darkness. Hence, candidates must go through the syllabus properly and then plan their preparation strategies accordingly.

After completing the syllabus, candidates can appear in the test series to check their knowledge. It will also help them in analyzing the weak areas. Candidates should work on their weak parts to score more marks in the examination. The syllabus of UPSC is very dynamic and hence it is said that anything under the sun can be asked in the exam. 

In this article, we have discussed the UPSC Syllabus 2022 for both UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam. Apart from this, we have also touched on the UPSC Exam Pattern in brief. To make your UPSC Civil Services preparation easy, download the meticulous list of topics covered in UPSC Syllabus and refer to any new topic while studying!

Topics included in UPSC Syllabus 2022

Candidates aspiring to appear in the exam in the current year should have the proper knowledge of the UPSC syllabus 2022. It will assist them in getting through the exam easily. The syllabus is released by the concerned authorities every year along with the official notification. For the civil services examination, the syllabus is divided into two parts i.e. the preliminary examination syllabus and the syllabus for the Mains examination. The prelims syllabus comprises content for two papers namely General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II, also known as CSAT. On the other hand, the Mains syllabus contains topics for General Paper and Optional Paper.

There are total nine papers in the Mains examination wherein the questions are asked from different subjects like Art & Culture, History, Indian Society, Geography, Polity, International Relations, Science and Technology, Economics, Governance, Ethics, Disaster Management, etc. In order to gain more marks in the examination and increase the chances of selection, candidates should have proper knowledge of these subjects otherwise it will be an uphill task to ace the examination. Hence, it is advised to go through the entire syllabus carefully and then start preparing for the examination.

The questions in the UPSC exam are based on the syllabus but they are tricky. Tricky in the sense to answer a question, a candidate should have complete knowledge about the matter that is asked in that question. There are four options for each question in the prelims exam and often more than one option is correct. Sometimes all four options are correct with respect to the question. So, to answer the question candidates should possess proper knowledge otherwise they might leave that question unattempted.


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