May 29, 2024

Low Odds Betting At 1win Bet

Best Staking Plans For Low Odds At 1win Bet In IndiaΒ 

Almost every player has ever had the idea of betting only on the lowest odds (1.01 – 1.05) to win little but surely. In the 1 Win bet site line there are many options for such bets in prematch and live formats. Let’s see how this strategy works, what are its advantages and disadvantages on the distance.

How The Strategy Of Betting On Low Odds Looks Like

The basis is as simple as possible – to bet on odds no higher than 1.05. Players of this strategy have their own classification of risks by odds:


  • 1.01 – 1.02 – small risk;
  • 1.03 – medium risk;
  • 1.04 – 1.05 – big risk.


Many players will ask why 1.05 is called a big risk, because it is 95% to win. Actually, it is not, because the bookmaker puts his margin into the odds. In its pure form, without margin, 1.05 is 1.10, and often even 1.14. In addition, bookmakers sometimes artificially lower the odds at such threshold values to stay in the plus at any outcome, and at the same time to attract those who like to bet a large sum on a very likely event.


The 1Win bet platform gives players the most honest odds. They are often higher than those of competitors, which makes betting on this strategy more profitable


The strategy itself is as simple as possible. The bank is divided into several parts (it is recommended to use a large amount). Then bets are made on odds from 1.01 to 1.05 in live. Professionals recommend live, as there is a more objective assessment of the situation. Many combine this strategy with the ladder method, including in the next bet the amount of winnings from the previous one.

Pros And Cons Of Low Odds Betting Strategy

This strategy is popular all over the world, including players from India. Of course, it is not win-win. There are both pros and cons to it. Here are the main advantages:


  • Minimal risk that a particular bet will not win;
  • In most cases, the player does not feel a lot of stress watching the match, because the bet is sure to go in;
  • There is no need for complex analyses, studying statistics, etc. because the selected outcome has a very high probability of winning in any case;
  • In the line of 1Win bet site there are always a lot of options for live betting at low odds, so the build-up of the bank will be faster.


The strategy also has significant disadvantages. The most obvious one is that you cannot increase the bank indefinitely. Sooner or later, will lose even a bet at odds of 1.01. This is a big blow to the gaming budget, and often on the psyche of unprepared for such a novice. In addition, there are also such disadvantages:

  • Losing comes instantly, in the winnings are collected in tiny particles for days and weeks (so, to return a loss at odds of 1.01, it will take 100 of the same bets with a win);
  • It’s not uncommon for players to be stymied by sum limits, as the strategy requires large budgets and smaller leagues may have betting restrictions;
  • Danger in fast sports with no time limits, such as tennis, where the underdog sometimes scores just before losing.


Also, the main principle of responsible gambling – to bet only the money you don’t want to lose – doesn’t work well here. It makes no sense to bet small amounts, for example, $5 – $10. You need a really big bank, including for a single bet. And losing large sums of money is always stressful. But experienced players from 1Win bet site have some other tips for beginners.

Tips For Beginners For Betting On Low Odds

Experienced players in general do not recommend staying on this strategy for a long time. It is better to switch to something else after a number of wins, or supplement it with more in-depth match analysis and intermediate bets. The 1Win bet platform is excellent for other strategies as well. Nevertheless, here are some valuable tips from the pros:


  • Go into the game with a serious bankroll – you need a large amount for each bet at once, rather than hoping to build up a bankroll over time with thousands of wins;
  • Bet in live on the maximum TM in a β€œquiet match” – this is a good option for football, if the game is at a quiet pace and the score has not yet been opened by half-time (then the odds on the total less in the limit will be about 1.01 – 1.05);
  • Do not bet on fast sports – tennis, hockey and other disciplines, where the situation can fundamentally change right in front of your eyes due to high dynamics, small number of players, lack of time limits (in the case of tennis) are not well suited for this strategy;
  • Do not tie bets in expresses – it will significantly accelerate the onset of loss;
  • Do not chase the profit on emotions – at the first loss or great impatience may wake up the desire to increase the bank faster, betting on everything in a row in the line where there are low odds;
  • Divide the bank into parts – it is better if you have 5-10 parts of the bank to continue the game in case of a loss or to test other strategies in parallel;
  • Treat the chance of losing adequately – always take into account that even a bet with odds of 1.01 can lose and on a long distance it will happen, which should not be a shock to you and a serious blow to your budget.


By following these tips and playing on a reliable 1Win bet site, you will increase your chances of a successful and long term plus on a low odds strategy. You can start now

How To Bet On Low Odds At 1win Bet IndiaΒ 

Adult gambling enthusiasts from India can easily and quickly start using this strategy at 1Win bet. To do so, you need to follow the following steps:


  1. Go to the official company and register with the required personal and contact details;
  2. Log in to your account using 1Win bet login and password;
  3. Refill your balance with any of the available payment methods, while automatically activating the 500% welcome bonus up to 75,000 Indian rupees;
  4. Go to the Live section, select the sport of interest, league, match in progress, go to the event page;
  5. Select an outcome with odds from 1.01 to 1.05, enter the bet amount and press the β€œBet” button to place a bet.


If you win, the amount will be credited to your balance. Using 1Win bet’s simple internal navigation tools, you can easily find events to bet on with low odds.


The strategy of betting on low odds is quite simple, but it will not suit every player. This is a choice for those who instead of bright gambling emotions and high adrenaline from each bet chooses a slow increase in the bank on a piecemeal basis. Here you need to count on a long series of wins. 1Win bet site will help in honing this strategy. Sign up now and get a 500% bonus up to Rs 75,000. Good luck in the game.


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