July 12, 2024

Peculiarities of betting on women’s tennis

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If you already have some experience in betting, you probably know that it is an Augean task to predict the outcome of women’s tennis. Why are Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal used to show their paramount dominance at the Grand Slam tournaments, and only Serena Williams could show the same results among women in her prime?

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Today we will spill the tea about the betting on the WTA, what are the features of women’s tennis, and where to look for reliable information. The abbreviation WTA stands for Women’s Tennis Association. The organization was founded in 1973 and is analogous to the men’s association ATP. today’s ipl match teams

There are three main reasons for women’s unstable performance:

  • Changes in the coaching staff. This factor is not as important for men as it is for women, who often perform poorly after a change of coach.
  • Frequent mood swings in women. No offense to women, but this factor does occur. Small problems in the family and turmoil in life can knock them out of balance.
  • Women have weak serves. If the leaders in men’s tennis usually win because they serve better than their opponents, in women’s tennis the percentage of winning serves is much lower.


Despite the listed disadvantages, you can benefit from this information. Because tennis players do not play well on their serves, the rallies of games are often delayed. Sports bettors like to take advantage of this, making use of fluctuating market odds in their strategies. For the live game, women’s tennis looks even more preferable than men’s because of the dynamically changing markets, but in pre-match it is better to bet on men’s tournaments.


It is also possible (and even necessary) to react to changes in the coaching staff. In the first few months, it is not advised to bet on a tennis player, who has changed coaches. At such moments, on the contrary, it is worth playing against her. At the same time, do not forget that in some cases, the change of coach gives the opposite effect.

Betting on WTA Matches

In the WTA outings, it is necessary to highlight a number of certain trends that will help make a successful bet:

  • Serving. It is not as strong and accurate as the opposite sex. You could say the serve is smoother and less sharp, and the average speed is about 150 km/hour. Individual records are the exception.
  • In women’s tennis, it often happens that the opponent serves her first or second serve. A softer serve allows the opponent to adjust and hit a high-powered shot that is difficult to hit.
  • Frequent double faults and enforcers. A low level of serve leads to the fact that the athletes twice in a row make fouls. Hits to the touch or into the net are common. There are few stable tennis players in the WTA.
  • Short game rallies. Average of about 10 strokes on both sides.
  • If the match drags on, the number of errors increases. This is due to the fact that female tennis players have less stamina, tire quickly, and have slower reaction times than men.
  • Low motivation, bad mood, not the best conditions, underestimation of the opponent β€” any of these reasons will lead to the defeat of the athlete.
  • A tie-break. Occurs when strong tennis players who have well-balanced main weapons: serve, reception, play on the back line and near the net meet. Women’s tie-breaks are played much less frequently than men’s.
  • Many sensations. Young talented female tennis players constantly give the stars enough problems. Young blood always likes to showcase their talents at the Grand Slams.



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Women’s tennis may not be as spectacular as men’s tennis, but it is still not without its grace. Winning in betting on women’s tennis tournaments is not easy, but it is quite possible. With experience, you will have the knowledge that will help you beat the bookmakers.

As we can see, betting on WTA matches is characterized by a number of features. Knowledge, current trends, ratings, statistics, and face-to-face confrontations allow you to make the right choice on the website of a legal bookmaker.

As in the WTA category, in both cases, you can and should apply different strategies. Descriptions of tennis approaches are available in the section of the same name. For women’s tennis is an excellent strategy β€œExact score in sets 2:0”. As a rule, the favorite of the pair wins in 2 games, leaving no chance for the opponent.


What is WTA?

WTA is a women’s tennis association that appeared in 1973. The best female tennis players are playing under the aegis of WTA.

How to win on placing bets?

You need to stay focused, determined, and cold-blooded. It’s vital to make a pre-game analysis before betting.

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