June 14, 2024

Safe bike riding tips for the monsoon

Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons. Even though the condition of many roads goes for a toss in India, we as a people love this season. The most unfortunate aspect of this season is that it can take a toll on your vehicles, especially bikes, and also contribute to a higher risk of accidents. Here are some tips to prevent wear and tear on your bike and for an overall safe ride, particularly in wet weather.

● Check the tyres of your bike

The tread in your bike tyres is designed to maintain contact and grip with the road and disperse water. Therefore, check the tread and depth of your bikes before you ride on a wet road as the tread starts to decrease with wear and tear and becomes slippery gradually. Also, check for any cracks/cuts on the tyre sidewalls.

● Maintain speed limitΒ 

During the monsoon, the traction between the road and your motorcycle tyres is low. Therefore, to avoid skidding on wet and muddy roads, you must maintain a speed range of 30-50 km/hr to apply the brakes on time. This also enables you to better anticipate any sudden changes in your riding environment and prevent accidents and injuries for yourself and others on the road too.

● Follow the right braking techniques

Learn to use front and rear brakes simultaneously while riding during rain to balance the pressure and avoid accidents. Following the right braking techniques is a must for your safety and other vehicles on the road.

● Get ready with monsoon gear

Bike riders are most vulnerable to accidents during the rainy season. It is therefore advised that you prepare well beforehand and invest in suitable monsoon gear such as a full-face helmet to prevent rainwater from leaking inside, waterproof riding trousers, jackets and riding boots, etc.

● Clean moisture

The moisture during the monsoon season can adversely affect the air, fuel and oil filters. So ensure your filters are checked and cleaned regularly to avoid mishaps while riding.

● Maintain the right riding distance

While riding your bike during rain, ensure that you’re maintaining the right distance from vehicles in front of you as brakes take longer due to reduced traction. You must also avoid water-clogged rains to prevent engine damage.

● Switch on the headlights

Visibility is one of the highest causes of accidents during monsoon. Therefore, you must ensure to conduct a thorough check of electrical components before the rains begin. Clean your headlamps and tail lamps and switch on your headlights at all times while riding for precaution.

● Insurance policy

Last and most important, insure your bike with a suitable insurance policy to financially secure yourself in case of any unforeseen accident and damage. An insurance policy with necessary add-ons takes care of all unexpected expenses while providing peace of mind. Thoroughly compare all available policy options to make an informed final decision.

With these tips in place, your bike will be monsoon-ready and you can be assured of a safer ride. Chola MS offers its two-wheeler insurance policy and acts as a giant umbrella to safeguard you and your bike at all times. Click the link to know more.

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