May 29, 2024

The great Aftab Baloch

Less than a dozen cricketers in the history of the sport are part of the so-called β€œ400 club”. You can check out our cricket betting odds – features the best wagers on the most talented players in this sport.

A player is said to be part of the 400 club when he scores at least a quadruple-century during his career. A player who achieved such a legendary status was Aftab Baloch. He had a prolific career in his native Pakistan, which lasted between 1969 and 1975. Despite his relatively brief time as a professional player, he still obtained some amazing milestones for which he is well-recognized. Punters can now check out our cricket betting odds available on 1xBet, which make great cricket wagers even more profitable ventures.

Incredible opponents who respected him

Baloch played only two Test matches throughout his career. One of them took place in November 1969 and the other in April 1975. The opponents on those occasions were New Zealand and the West Indies respectively. Another highly interesting event are kabaddi events, and they are available on the, where punters can make some fantastic wagers.

During that time he faced some opponents that were very tough but showed a high respect for him. Some of those names included:

● Vic Pollard;
● Keith Boyce;

● and Ken Wadsworth.

But there was another interesting thing about Baloch. In his first Test match he was only 16 years old. However, he still managed to perform greatly, contributing to the great win obtained by the Pakistani national side. The 1xBet website also features all matches that are played by this highly competitive national cricket squad.

Impressive numbers

When a team defeats another one by a margin of 575 runs, that’s simply a total destruction. That’s exactly what happened in 1974 during a match between Sind and Baluchistan. Aftab Baloch was a player of the former. It was precisely in this contest when the player secured his place in the cricket history books. This is because out of all the total runs that his team made, he contributed with a total of 428, which is incredible. It is also incredible to visit and wager on the great table tennis events available.

Curiously, Baloch was selected for a tour to England also in 1974 as a reward for his fantastic performances within the Pakistani domestic championship. Unfortunately for him, he was not selected for playing in any of the matches that his team played in English territory. Yet, it is highly curious that during the tour, his hotel room had the number 428. This was the number of runs he made on his record-breaking performance. The 1xBet website has tons of options to wager on the most prolific cricketers.

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