May 22, 2024

Benefits of Microsoft Office for Students and ProfessionalsΒ 

First of all, it must be mentioned that college students and teachers can receive the Office 365 Education edition free of charge. It will include all the essentials that include Microsoft Word processor, Excel without limitations, PowerPoint to create presentations, and many additional tools. These include OneNote and Microsoft Teams, which are also used by college students for planning purposes and various group projects. Since most classes these days take place online, the presence of classroom tools on board will help to achieve success easily. By sharing your email address, one receives a full version without trials or limitations. Now, let’s learn about the main benefits of Microsoft Office!Β 

Benefits of Microsoft Office for Students and ProfessionalsΒ 

– Composing College Assignments.Β 

Without a doubt, you can use Microsoft Office and Excel sheets for all types of college papers. Regardless if you need to create an outline or take classroom lecture notes, using MS Word will help you to create layouts and follow all the possible citation styles.Β  If you are unsure about how to use APA, MLA, or Chicago properly as you compose an assignment, choosing should be a helpful option. All you have to do is to share your instructions by using MS Word format (as it makes it convenient!) and get things done without having something missed! Now, as you receive help, getting it in MS Word format always saves time!Β 

– Creation of School Presentations.Β 

It cannot be said enough about the use of PowerPoint presentations. Regardless if you are planning to create a high school project, college research, or a business plan, PowerPoint is one of the most intuitive tools. The best news is that you will have lots of templates that are already presented by Microsoft and those that can be downloaded free of charge. If you need to get creative and create slides, PowerPoint is second to none, as it’s constantly being updated by adding new features!Β 

– Research Work and Cooperation.Β 

Microsoft Office provides you with Teams and other collaboration tools like OneNote that are excellent for virtual classrooms. It makes taking notes easier and does not have any limitations on the content’s volume. Now, when you need to share special access, you can use various built-in features to distribute your research project and cooperate. Microsoft Teams has user access distribution and easy management that can be done even via your smartphone. It means that you can study and work anywhere!Β 

– A Plethora of Import and Export Options.Β 

The best part about Office 365 is the compatibility factor which helps you to stay secure as you access your documents online. When you need to save your document in Adobe’s PDF extension or get something published in a previous version, it allows all of that and more. Using the best Microsoft products, you will never keep yourself limited in terms of sharing your documents. Moreover, you can use styles from the different documents and share them. Checking the β€œHome” and then the β€œStyles” tab, you will be able to work with the organizer to learn more about keeping your assignments in the same page layout style!Β 

The use of a Desktop Publishing AppΒ 

You can also expand your MS Office by using the Publisher addition to help yourself with the creation of professional documents that can meet all the academic and publishing standards. If you already know Microsoft Word, you won’t have to go through the steep learning curve. Publisher differs in the approach to the page layout and design that may be necessary for books in print, e-books, electronic journals, and presentations. By combining Publisher with Microsoft Word, you can get the best of both worlds by focusing on formatting and composition before you proceed with the built-in templates that can be chosen. It helps to make things easier as you publish your project or a manuscript without prior experience!Β 


Mark Wooten loves using Microsoft products as he implements them for his research and consulting work. As an educator and technology specialist, he loves writing and offering help to students and educators. Follow Mark to expand your learning tools and have fun as you study.Β 

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