July 11, 2024

Ravishing lamp designs that are currently in trend

Ravishing lamp designs that are currently in trendΒ 

Table lamps are a perfect way to lend character to your space and set the tone of your decor too. And we simply can’t emphasise enough the fact that they are the best ambient lighting fixtures you could get for your home. Table lamps are capable of changing the entire vibe of a space, and they are definitely underestimated when it comes to decorating a space. Whether it is depth or drama you’re seeking for your decor or you’re going for that glitz and glam, a table lamp can help you achieve just that.Β 

Now, we realise that choosing the right table lamp for your space can be a tedious task. But we are here to help you make this task much easier. We bring to you a well-curated list of all the table lamp trends that are taking the design scene by storm and definitely deserve a little attention, as they can transform your home beyond your wildest dreams. Now take a look at everything we have for you…


Contemporary Ceramic Table LampsΒ 

Ceramic table lamps are simply amazing as they add a timeless touch to your decor. These table lamps require a lot of expertise to craft, and the designs definitely show that. You simply can’t go wrong with a ceramic table lamp. The finish and the texture of a ceramic table lamp are just enough to lend a stroke of opulence to your home.Β 


Mid-Century Table LampsΒ 

The design that took the world by storm back in early 1900s is now back to add an elegant touch to your decor. While the mid-century design looks good on almost every lighting fixture, there is something distinct about mid-century table lamps. Be it the gorgeous use of glass, metal, vinyl or wood, these table lamps are simply a joy to look at. Definitely consider getting one for your home.Β 


Table Lamps With Printed Shades

This is the flavour of the season, and these table lamps are selling like hotcakes. The advantage of having a table lamp with a printed shade is that it looks absolutely stunning even when it’s not lit up. And when it is lit up, the silhouette is just a sight to behold. Table lamps with printed shades are customisable too. And you can literally get any graphic printed on the shade of the lighting design.


Lava LampsΒ 

There’s a huge debate in the design industry about the categorisation of lava lamps. Some say it’s a novelty product, some call it home decor, and then there’s a group that considers it a table lamp. We’re the ones from that last group, and we decided to include this amazing creation in this list. Lava lamps are simply stunning, and you can find them flaunting a number of elements. Some lava lamps flaunt a glass body, some metallic, some marble and some merely plastic. It is totally up to you to find the right one for your space. However, the key element remains the same, that is, the glass container filled to the brim with wax present inside.Β 

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