May 21, 2024

The Fog Match that took place in an European Cup

The European Cup and the UEFA Champions League have delivered some legendary matches. However, few of them have been as bizarre and weird as what was seen on the 7th of December 1966. Don’t forget to go to the betting sites in Bangladesh – visit now and wager on all matches that these major competitions have to offer.

On that day Liverpool traveled to Amsterdam in order to play a match against Ajax in that competition. What would end up happening would be a rain of goals and a game with almost no visibility at certain moments. For that reason, this contest is known as the β€œFog Match”. Punters can visit 1xBet now, which is the best betting site in Bangladesh, and it offers the chance to wager on all European football matches.

An incredible team

Ajax had a fantastic team at that moment. None other than Johan Cruyff was one of the star players of that squad. The Dutch team completely destroyed the English squad for a final score of 5-1. When other matches with such a high score take place, you can bet live now with on all of them.

The goals were scored by:

  • Cees de Wolf
  • Johan Cruyff
  • Klaas Nuninga
  • Henk Groot
  • and Chris Lawler.

Ajax completely dominated the match from the first minute. They were coached by none other than Rinus Michels. By many football experts and fans he is considered as one of the architects of Total football. Punters can make a live bet now with the 1xBet bookmaker on all matches played by Ajax.

When weather becomes the main protagonist

This match was known as β€œThe Fog Match” for a reason. In fact, it is reported that the plane carrying Liverpool was almost unable to land in Amsterdam due to this weather phenomenon. It also persisted at the moment when the match began. Referee Antonio Sbardella came quite close to suspending the match. Before other matches of this kind you can visit the popular casino 1xBet and try your luck on all the forms of entertainment available there.

It was reported that the visibility was barely 50 meters. For this reason, players located at one end of the field were unable to see what was happening on the other end.

Something very curious happened in this match too. Bill Shankly was Liverpool’s coach at that moment. He stated in his autobiography that, when the match was 2-0, he took advantage of the fog and entered the field to give instructions to the players. He was furious about how the match was turning out for his team. He claimed that the referee never saw him. While waiting for other weird matches like this, you can visit the popular casino offered by the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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