May 23, 2024

How to create a FREE Blog in 2 min – Easy Guide for Beginners to Create a Blog

How to create a Blog in 2 min – Easy Guide for Beginners to Create a Blog in 2020

My free guide on this page will show you how to create a blog that is beautiful and functional, all in an easy step-by-step tutorial (with pictures).

Hello Dear,
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It is very much interesting to have a website of own,but in many case you have  to buy a domain for you website which is quite expensive.As its pack comes on the basis of month and year.

But Dear,there is a way by which you can create your own website which is absolutely free!!!

Get Ready and follow the given steps:

NOTE:- You must have an email ID*.



Open your internet browser.
Kindly search or click


Blogger site will open like this.
Now click on “CREATE YOUR BLOG”.





Now Kindly fillup your e-mail ID and Password.


Here you have to confirm your profile.
In profile options- Choose Blogger Profile.


After that you will get like this.
Enter the Display Name for your Blogger profile. Eg:-XYZhero.
And continue to blogger.



You will get like this.
Your blogger Profile has been created and now you can create your free website.
Do you know?
-> Using a single Email ID you can create 100 free websites.
Now you have to click on the Red button scripted “Creat Blog”.


A Dialogue box will appear asking the title of the blog. And the web address of your blog.
And finally a suitable Theme (You can change as your own wish).


You are On the way to create a blog:

How to create a Blog in 2 min – Easy Guide for Beginners to Create a Blog



Blog will advise you to get a domain name.
You can buy your domain name but it is costly.
So,leave it by pressing “No Thanks”.


Hey…your blog has been created.
And This is the sample of dashboard of your website.

STEP 10.

Now you have created a free website.
             You became a Blogger.
So click on New Post and start sharing your Ideas,Thoughts,and Profession throughout the world.
Here is a sample for your blog…

How to create a Blog in 2 min – Easy Guide for Beginners to Create a Blog

This blog contain Miscellenous Topics needed in our everyday life… As we all know that in this modern era of Internet. so keeping it on view I BaaMaa’s Beta created this website so that you people can know at least some of the Facts. Which is co relevant to our society or other facts. Being smart is one of the best ways to be highlighted.To became highlighted you kindly surf to my website to know about that topic. I will provide best for you.
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See you later…
Take Care and enjoy blogger life.
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